Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Psychologist

The psychologist was giving his professional medical opinion to the school that day. He had called the young 14 year old in his office and told him so. Traffic flowed below the downtown office. Grinding gears, squealing brakes, car horns and the sound tires make when travelling on wet roads all formed a symphonic sound that excited his youthful heart and spirit. It was still as beautiful as always – he could see the true colors of it all when he was with the doctor and, then on his way, riding home off into the early winter sunset down along the blvd headed to the west where his home was nestled in the hills above a little town, big rail yards and river.

He wasn't thinking of the drive home though – not yet. The doctor was telling him his professional medical opinion he was going to give to the school. The office was masculine and austere and yet warm and bright for him despite having to be there in the first place let alone in the drag of such a grey day. "You have been exposed to more than most of your peers – and, for that matter, even some of your teachers. You are extremely intelligent and quite capable. I feel that you are bored and they do not how to challenge you. You are intelligent and strong willed and there is nothing wrong with it. I feel they just don't know how to deal with you and it's not your fault. It's not a problem. It's theirs. Good luck, young man. I know you'll do very well."

1984 Flashback: Written November 21 - 22, 2010