Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Gruber-ing" the American People (not just on ACA)

This a.m. MSNBC was discussing Gruber and how POTUS, Pelosi & Axelrod have handled it - MSNBC panel admitting "not good at all" ... However it's disturbing how MSNBC discussion brushed this picture as this lying to the American people to pass laws, bills, policy is done all of the time! Pulling the wool over the American people because the American people are stupid enough to be tricked at the polls is in fact a necessity of elected law makers according to Morning Joe panel! Yes the American public is too stupid to now what's good for it and so it needs "Guber-ed" for its own good & protection! This is just how it's done!

So if we were "Guber-ed" by Obama Admin on ACA what else have elected law makers been "Guber-ing" us on to protect us from our own stupidity?!
Maybe arresting citizens and taking away all rights & freedoms throwing us in prison where we are raped & beaten & dehumanized for smoking marihuana / weed / pot?! ... even though the far American public now believes marihuana / weed / pot should not be illegal but legal or at least decriminalized?! ... and even after scientific evidence now proves there is indeed medical merit in the properties of marihuana / weed / pot?!

(By the way this is not anti government rhetoric or extremist rhetoric but rather intellectual conversation and debate we should be free to express even though it may challenge the authority that would rather have us stupid Americans sit down & shut up or be arrested or even shot & killed while unarmed)

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