Saturday, June 4, 2011

5 Star Dream

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Subject: 4 Star Dream

So last nite I had a long wild fun vivid dream which included Dean Ween ( of Ween, RYan Adams, Calib of Kings of Leon (KOL) and Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root --- and there were all these women --- NYC, the streets of Manhattan, State College and New Hope.

Don't know what it all means and don't care. .. The conversation and feelings were totally awesome so I'll just got w/ that and take it away ... And I won't over-analyze or psychoanalyze (like Dr. Georgia from old school Fox and Friends Weekend w/ Juliet Huddy). ..

Best of the Roses,

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Subject: Rebecca Jarvis for an Early Saturday

Wow. Rebeca Jarvis has such a SM0KING RED HOT delivery for an Early Saturday. As a matter of fact, if such a SM0KING RED HOT delivery for an Early Saturday were The Waldorf Towers, I'd go down for her private reception (from the general public) before entering her elevator doors and being elevated by her to reach a little slice of heaven - all nite long until the red morning light. ..

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Subject: Jim Norton on Hannity
Sent: Jun 2, 2011 9:54 PM

Hi Jim, you ROCK!!! Hannity is lucky to have you ... Gutfeld is great.

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Subject: PrettyWoman (other Van Halen cover)
Sent: May 31, 2011 7:24 AM

Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison (singing for the lonely) is the other famous Van Halen cover. I still like playing that. ..

+ speaking of documentaries have you ever watched the Stones CockSucker Blues?

Kurt Cobain was criticized for doing covers not exactly like the bands he was covering. ..Kurt said, "yeah, they are my interpretations of songs and thus my rendition of that song." .. I like that. ..

I agree w/ you all --- I like when bands do renditions of other tunes. Like Rusted Root covering Evil Ways per the request of Jodie Foster while they were in England w/ Robert Plant and Jimmy Page -as Jodie Foster wanted and did use it for Home for the Holidays. ..and Rusted Root's rendition of You Can't Always Get What You Want featuring members of Hot Tuna is pretty cool too. ..

Gram Parsons does some heart felt renditions of country and pop artists.

And speaking of Keith, yeah, that book of his Life is a really good read.

Xtina looks hot on the Perez Hilton site from this weekend --- on one of my stays at Chateau Marmont I ended-up in the VIP section of a club called Hyde on the SunsetStrip and I saw and exchanged smiles and eye contact w/ her (I leave people alone for the most part --- rule of thumb) but, yeah, up close and personal Xtina is SMOKING RED HOT. ..and seemed real nice too, you know. ..

So, yesterday, Memorial Day --- I was old school and had WDVE on all day.

Go Billy!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011