Monday, December 15, 2014

The Right Voodoo Dreams Come Through & Come True ...

Thank you to those true spirits who walked here before me Your footprints are ancient dust petals blowing in the wind Recognized in an akin tune. - (me Nov 21 4:40 a.m. Fla) -

In Richmond, Virginia stimulated by dreams the hot wet sheets were abstractions from the swirling colors secreted in sweat oozing from his body. Blonde on Blonde American now she was standing naked baring all in brilliant exposure. He admired her. And the darker one also dreamed of showing up with more symbolic dialogue like a film provides for its hungry viewers inquisitive in the mind for true freedom(s) provided by its medium unlocking doors of social consciousness from touching & planting seeds in the subconscious penetrating though the eyes as if a snake crawling through the empty caverns of a skull where eye sockets once existed with covered flesh of a humanoid ... instinctively knowing the drums, fire, dance, chants, song(s) & ritual(s). He dreamt of her in her home. With her cat. With her children. A quick succession of years. A non linear glimpse of the darker tops of her feet in contrast to the lighter pinkish white bottoms were he rubbed through callouses and excess skin of healthily healing blisters from being barefoot all the time in the southern terrain. 

In a white robe and slippers provided by the spa he was escorted into the common waiting area where both men & women sat together in luxuriant leather Manhattan style chairs. He had water from the pitcher containing a little sweet fruit to cool and cleanse his system. He was really enjoying going down deeper into the south recalling his childhood comfort there and spiritual awakening(s) always welcomed. The Belmond at Charleston Place was bright with activity of a Saturday night affluent in weekend visitors and pleasant bustle of a grand hotel of a major port city. His massage therapist opened the door and smiled. "John?" ... she looked like one the twitter followers his @NewEdayMedia would have encountered on #BlackGirlNerds. Yet her accent was thick and from a lot further south than Charleston or Key West for that matter. As he lie on the table, nude and warm he wonder if he should just tell her he had dreamt of someone who looked just like her when he was in Richmond at the Jefferson Hotel the night before however thought that might be too abrupt and slightly creepy. So he thought he'd ask if she had a cat. "Strike that!" He decided. She may have had a cat but no longer has the animal. She reentered the room after the customary knocking. Conversation was happening naturally so organically was his thoughts and formulating of words like roots of brushy fruit bushes and flowering tree branches it came out perfect. "So do you like animals?" That was something that would allow him to have the best chance to find out if she had a cat or not in her lifetime but also allow him to drill down to determine if it was when she also had young children in her home coexisting like in his dream. "Yes!" He thought when he had found out she did in fact have a kitten she took in from a friend's litter. And yet he was even somewhat startled at all this when he recalled the exact feelings he had by the persistence of this cat wanting to play and literally in his dream dangling from his hand and his fingers with her little sharp teeth and claws. It was annoying to him in the dreamm, with the woman & young children. And although he was a staunch animal rights lover he could not find fault with her when she said that was a main factor in why she had to give up the kitten and remove it from her home with the young children. But yet she said she's now considering a little non shedding hypoallergenic dog....

                                       actress, Williamsburg, Va Nov 2014 stay on way home

Thank you to those true spirits who walked here before me Your footprints are ancient dust petals blowing in the wind Recognized in an akin tune. - (me Nov 21 4:40 a.m. Fla) -

Feeling it

Best of the Roses,
John Alan Conte` Jr.
the new everyday media

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Gruber-ing" the American People (not just on ACA)

This a.m. MSNBC was discussing Gruber and how POTUS, Pelosi & Axelrod have handled it - MSNBC panel admitting "not good at all" ... However it's disturbing how MSNBC discussion brushed this picture as this lying to the American people to pass laws, bills, policy is done all of the time! Pulling the wool over the American people because the American people are stupid enough to be tricked at the polls is in fact a necessity of elected law makers according to Morning Joe panel! Yes the American public is too stupid to now what's good for it and so it needs "Guber-ed" for its own good & protection! This is just how it's done!

So if we were "Guber-ed" by Obama Admin on ACA what else have elected law makers been "Guber-ing" us on to protect us from our own stupidity?!
Maybe arresting citizens and taking away all rights & freedoms throwing us in prison where we are raped & beaten & dehumanized for smoking marihuana / weed / pot?! ... even though the far American public now believes marihuana / weed / pot should not be illegal but legal or at least decriminalized?! ... and even after scientific evidence now proves there is indeed medical merit in the properties of marihuana / weed / pot?!

(By the way this is not anti government rhetoric or extremist rhetoric but rather intellectual conversation and debate we should be free to express even though it may challenge the authority that would rather have us stupid Americans sit down & shut up or be arrested or even shot & killed while unarmed)

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dear Roger Ailes: Viewer Analysis (mass media notes)

Dear Mr. Ailes,

Whether or not I agree with your politics or views please allow me to congratulate you on an oustanding period in not only FNC history however in mass media history and in these #newmedia times.

I can recall the first time I tuned into FNC and it was during a John Kerry presidential campaign and I was looking for different opinions and Juliet Huddy was on Fox & Friends squirting a bottle of Heinz ketchup in the camera lens. Mike Jerrick and Julian. 

What you've created from there is amazing to me and that's with reluctantly not even knowing much beyond that from a viewing perspective.

OutNumbered is a nice new edition, The Five ... and Red Eye is still cutting edge (watch that and your eyes will bleed it's so cutting edge still) and fresh ... last night Greg Gutfeld (genius and in my opinion a saving grace for FNC and the Republican party marketing 101 camp) had former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino hosting the show while Greg was a guest = genius. 

It's evident a big portion of the media has a bias for nothing other than Democratic party ideoology and is intolerant of any other view, debate and argument which is a shame and quite lame in the spirit of an intelligent conversation(s) that this country and ladies & gentlemen around the world have enjoyed for centuries (in most open and free countries).

Although FNC has bordered on creating nausea with its love affair with President Reagan and the Bush's (especially when GW was in the house, FNC gloated a little too much which is why it may take a lot of criticism still to this day from Dems "no WMD's"), Megyn Kelly standing up to Dick Cheney a few months ago was the pinacle of "fair and balanced"    ...

At any rate, I am seeking your counsel on a matter here as I have tremendous respect for you and your ground breaking refreshing accomplishments whether or not I agree with your politics or views.    

Given that you are promoting the 14th e-book of poems by a serious poet which also happens to be the 1st book this author wrote that opened a lot of doors published in 1992 "In This Place: a book of the nineties" --- for promotion "Game of Roses (delivery)" should it be Anna Kooiman or Kimberly Guilfoyle ???


using new ways (or old ways for me now) for social media promotions ... new media has percolated a fresh batch of new everyday media marketing ideas & methods as oft discussed by David Meerman Scott ... as a way to help promote my e-books of poetry on (13 or 14 of them) i've attempted to engage people in traditional and nontraditional ‪#‎newmedia‬ ways = such as Game of Roses (delivery): Anna Kooiman Vs. Kimberly Guilfoyle which is an attempt to promote my new old book of poems from 1992 "In This Place: a book of the nineties" being launched on ... here's the blog post about it 

Best of the Roses but not rose colored glasses,
john a conte, jr. and the new everyday media

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Game of Roses (delivery): Anna Kooiman Vs. Kimberly Guilfoyle

@NewEdayMedia to help promote new old book  "Game of Roses (delivery)" @annakooiman Vs @kimguilfoyle 48th & 6th #nyc
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We have several poems from my 1st published book of poems from 1992 "In This Place: a Book of the Nineties" up on  

It's really great how much air-time Anna Kooiman & Kimberly Guilfoyle have been getting on FNC as I voraciously view the delivery of informative & fun information from these two emissaries and decide who will have 12 Roses delivered to at 1211 Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan.

However the more I see of both of them the harder it becomes decide.

Last year I ended-up listening to an POTUS Obama/Bob Beckel messaging and instead of picking one female host from The Five I sent to flowers to Greg Gutfeld and asked him to make all the female hosts winners.

And yet I see how hard KG and Anna work and how they shine and feel one deserves to be crowned a winner of "game of Roses (delivery)" ...

                         Anna and Brian Kilmeade
                        KG appalled by something Bob Beckel said
                                   Anna 48th & 6th NYC
                        KG (wearing green on Thurs haha) on The Five

stayed tuned for winner of Game of Roses (delivery) and also for 2015 Top 10 Hottest Women of the new everyday media to help promote my old new book of poems from 1992 "In This Place: a book of the nineties" being launched on 

Best of the Roses but not rose colored glasses,
john & the new everyday media

Saturday, October 25, 2014

at the SunDance Film Fest _ all new

at the SunDance Film Fest

Horizontal angle beyond view
Even with hi tech HD zoom
Wind in the boom mic blowing thru
Dirty old red pick up truck & a dog
Living life like pages in SUNDANCE MAGAZINE
It's so dope. Out here you can have a choke and they'll leave you alone
Yeah with plenty of room to roam
Got a director speaking on his film
What did you get from it? Was it real? Not too far from Hollywood at
The SUNDANCE Film Fest for a deal
Hey darling do you want to play the part
Of a girl who's so smart. Oh yeah
She's really smart. So really smart
It's in your eyes you're so the part
SUNDANCE stars are shining in night
Horizontal angles with no light go dark and fade to black so show the stars. When we do your close up
You lite up the camera cause you're a star. You're a star. It's who you are
Tell a story of an everyday everyone
Like a star. Bring us light. Like a star

Written in the bible black predawn
Saturday morning by John Conte
The new everyday media

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Behind the Scenes of the Scene: Why Visit California? This anecdote & short film show 1 top reason!

Pulled out of Pittsburgh and was workin' on a TBone over Albuquerque on a jet to the promise land. Evan Edelist picked me up in San Diego and we sawRusted Root at the House of Blues San Diego #GasLampDistrict ... truckin' up Rt 1 stopped to see Pam Hodor Stroffolino in Laguna Beach where we bought shoes for me to send to Julia Allison which I ended-up doing chilling in a comp'd pool cottage at Chateau Marmont #SunsetGate #WeHo (but really only trying to get the attention of JA's friend Mary Rambin) after Rusted Root's show at House of Blues Sunset Strip & staying up in West lake Village where the scenes for this Behind the Scenes of the Scene in L.A. take place = RR Suspicious Minds & Send Me on My Way live clips w/ fun crowd, backstage dressing rooms & VIP after show party w/ Michael Glabicki Liz Berlin Patrick Norman + footage at Hollywood Emmy Guy home w/ Liz and my Chateau Marmont writing areas 2007 and not to be mistaken with 2008 stay where I met the famous & influential cinema artist actor/director Jim Sheridan at Chateau Marmont & I managed to get him on RR's guest list for the HOB Sunset show as Jim's daughter fabulously started singing Send Me On My Way when I invited them --- Jim & I came together over my poolside reading of The Living Theatre: Art, Exile & Outrage - that being what I told Bill Siddon's backstage (the Siddons who managed The Doors and M. Glabicki) when he asked how I hooked-up w/ Glabicki's favorite director (which was true and I also shared with Siddons how that book stated that Jim Morrison wrote a check for $2, 500.00 to help the Living Theatre keep on keeping on as Bill acknowledged Jim's fascination with it) ... funny recalling Jim Sheridan poolside on the phone w/ The Edge and talking re: project with Bono and he mistakenly grabbed my white tee shirt similar to the one he had (i wrote a poem about it: "Jim Sheridan stole my tee shirt") ... any way, enjoy my short film #OnTheRoadAgain
Beginning of Suspicious Minds and the winding down of Send Me On My Way "live" at the House of Blues on the SunsetStrip. .. And backstage footage with Michae...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Why I Wander, Dear _ a new bluegrass poem/lyric _ "Happy Halloween Birthday Dear Tiffany"

Why I wonder, dear,
What it'd been for you
to have been my wife
Why am I wondering
if we coulda made a life
Maybe that's why I wander
thru the honky tonk neon lights
Still think'n, still sittin' & drink'n
When's it gonna work out all right
I remember that big storm in South Carolina
We held each other under some shelter so tight
And the one night we didn't want to say goodnite
And now seeing two people holding hands
Walking down along where waves meet the sand
I go back to that walk on the beach to your daddy's pool
Among all those big giant homes and tall palms & pines
Guess why I'm still wondering if you woulda been my wife
Why I wonder, dear, if we would've made it all right
The colors run on the leaves like when you left for University
I sent those Lauren dresses to you at your Athens, GA sorority
I wouldn't leave the big city and you were in your Southern Living
Yeah, I still have that picture and read that article like it was yesterday
Oh, What could've been me or us I guess why I wander, dear . ..

Fall, October 2014
"Happy Halloween Birthday Dear Tiffany" (title 2)
"Why I Wander, Dear" (title 1)
by john alan conte jr  & the new everyday media

Me Age 2 & Some Girl in Puerto Rico at a Luxury Resort Who Picked-Me-Up

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Move Away (a new poem/lyrics by john alan conte jr. &

Move Away
When the lies are so see thru
New ones pile up with shifting
Sands in time moving away
From me so true now realizing
I get to go back to being me
And you're nothing but stuck
In the muck being you
And I'm happy I'm me cause
It would sure suck being you
Best of the Roses (but not rose colored glasses,
10/8/14 4:45pm

Monday, September 22, 2014

Domestic Violence in NFL + across the meadow: behind the curtain

On Monday, September 22, 2014 8:22 AM, John Conte Jr <> wrote:

This is the view from my back porch where I enjoy playing acoustic 6 string guitar and spending time with my wife & dog. Taken Sunday at sunset.
Behind the curtain across the meadow on Myrtle Lane in Edgeworth Saturday a 48 year old man attacked his wife with the kids in the house and then the Swat team and his suicide with a bunch of guns in the home.
Where are our priorities for the value of life, each other and what is moral, what is criminal, what is suspicious, what should be investigated, what is warranted for charges, what resources should be deployed for prevention?

                                         Edgeworth, PA September 21, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

an early Christmas

Merry, merry, merry Christmas

It's Christmas in my heart

Merry, merry, merry Christmas

I hope all year
I play the part

Merry Christmas baby

This song is living in my heart

Merry, merry, merry Christmas

You're my holiday candle in the cold wintry dark

Merry Christmas, baby,
 and on New Year's Eve
you're the one
I'm kissing for a brand new start

Merry, merry, merry Christmas

This song is living in my heart

Merry, merry, merry Christmas
Merry Christmas baby
Merry, merry, merry Christmas

Good Wishes, John A. Conte Jr.
the new everyday media

(so maybe soon I'll find myself with a rented mcmansion in a gated community for a week with nothing to do but hang out by the pool and hot tub with the dog and a Fender Strat and an MacBookAir with Garage Band & maybe some sleigh bells to record this song for my wife Deanna from her everyday Joe 6pack husband for an early Christmas present where I email her the YouTube link with this song on her December bday?)

Deanna Conte Port Royal Plantation Planters Row Hilton Head Island, S.C. 1998
I had been going to this home here every year since I was 12 in 1982 and I used to daydream at the pool on the beach how when I was older I'd drive in from somewhere cool in a fancy car and have a good respectable wife and we'd visit with the family but we'd be staying on our own at the South Beach Marina Inn in Sea Pines Plantation near the Salty Dog and Calibogue Sound where my Uncle Tony & Aunt Jo Jo lived.
So this was pretty cool that in 1998 I was at the World Headquarters of
The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta doing business and  I had rented a Mustang convertible and my wife and I stopped in to see the family on Planters Row in Port Royal before heading on down the road to our place I booked at the South Beach Marina Inn 1998 (been married a year) 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Rusted Root "live" L.A. House of Blues SunsetStrip 7 full songs from photo pit + special bonus ...

7 links to productions YouTube page New Everyday Media where there are full video clips / songs listed here-there I recorded in photo pit at L.A. House of Blues SunsetStrip 2007
+ some photos here I'd taken there & mementos from then 
(just click on youtube links listed for each full song)
Michael Glabicki '07 john conte productions L.A. HOB
     everyone got off. ..filmed an extended Rusted Root "Ecstasy" on Sunset Strip in House of Blues photo pit #WeHo July2007 = a worldly, spacey, bluesy, jammy version. ..So glad to have had the opportunity be-ing there in California hanging with you '06, '07 & '08 #roadtrip #tour 


Ffeaturing DAVY KNOWLES on lead guitar w/ Rusted Root = 
filmed "Dance in the Middle" Rusted Root on #SunsetStrip in House of Blues photo pit #WeHo Los Angeles Times Relix Magazine Rolling Stone ... glad I was there by happenstance filming & successfully captured Davy Knowles pure ecstatic joy on stage here & well rather as RR's Patrick Norman says, "a brilliant English blues guitar player. And great guyy too." 
"Dance in the Middle" Rusted Root

 ffilmed Animals Love Touch Rusted Root on Sunset Strip in House of Blues photo pit #WeHo July2007
Animals Love Touch Rusted Root  

                                    Liz Berlin '07 john conte productions L.A. HOB
    filmed Stereo Rodeo Rusted Root on Sunset Strip in House of Blues photo pit#WeHo What a pretty & interesting song this is ... So glad to have had the opportunity be-ing there in California hanging with you 
'06, '07 & '08 
#roadtrip #tour  Dirk Miller Preach Freedom Patrick NormanLiz Berlin Michael Glabicki

Stereo Rodeo Rusted Root

                           Michael Glabicki '07 john conte productions L.A. HOB

    filmed Scattered Rusted Root on Sunset Strip in House of Blues photo pit#WeHo 
Can feel the California King Snakes out in the California desert during this one .... 
Michael Glabicki & Patrick Norman of Rusted Root & the loving participatory L.A. crowd

Scattered Rusted Root
  filmed Cat Turned Blue / Superstitious Rusted Root #SunsetStrip in House of Blues photo pit #WeHo

                                  Liz Berlin '07 john conte productions L.A. HOB

   filmed this L.A. Rusted Root "VooDoo" on the Sunset Strip in the House of Blues photo pit #WeHo 
w/ Preach Freedom 

in addition to these fine video clips / songs i filmed at L.A. House of Blues on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California I am working on editing special bonus "all access" backstage dressing rooms, VIP aftershow party + beyond that "all accces" never before seen on-the-road in L.A. footage

Best of the Roses,
john a. conte` jr.
the new everyday media