Saturday, October 18, 2014

Behind the Scenes of the Scene: Why Visit California? This anecdote & short film show 1 top reason!

Pulled out of Pittsburgh and was workin' on a TBone over Albuquerque on a jet to the promise land. Evan Edelist picked me up in San Diego and we sawRusted Root at the House of Blues San Diego #GasLampDistrict ... truckin' up Rt 1 stopped to see Pam Hodor Stroffolino in Laguna Beach where we bought shoes for me to send to Julia Allison which I ended-up doing chilling in a comp'd pool cottage at Chateau Marmont #SunsetGate #WeHo (but really only trying to get the attention of JA's friend Mary Rambin) after Rusted Root's show at House of Blues Sunset Strip & staying up in West lake Village where the scenes for this Behind the Scenes of the Scene in L.A. take place = RR Suspicious Minds & Send Me on My Way live clips w/ fun crowd, backstage dressing rooms & VIP after show party w/ Michael Glabicki Liz Berlin Patrick Norman + footage at Hollywood Emmy Guy home w/ Liz and my Chateau Marmont writing areas 2007 and not to be mistaken with 2008 stay where I met the famous & influential cinema artist actor/director Jim Sheridan at Chateau Marmont & I managed to get him on RR's guest list for the HOB Sunset show as Jim's daughter fabulously started singing Send Me On My Way when I invited them --- Jim & I came together over my poolside reading of The Living Theatre: Art, Exile & Outrage - that being what I told Bill Siddon's backstage (the Siddons who managed The Doors and M. Glabicki) when he asked how I hooked-up w/ Glabicki's favorite director (which was true and I also shared with Siddons how that book stated that Jim Morrison wrote a check for $2, 500.00 to help the Living Theatre keep on keeping on as Bill acknowledged Jim's fascination with it) ... funny recalling Jim Sheridan poolside on the phone w/ The Edge and talking re: project with Bono and he mistakenly grabbed my white tee shirt similar to the one he had (i wrote a poem about it: "Jim Sheridan stole my tee shirt") ... any way, enjoy my short film #OnTheRoadAgain
Beginning of Suspicious Minds and the winding down of Send Me On My Way "live" at the House of Blues on the SunsetStrip. .. And backstage footage with Michae...

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