Thursday, December 9, 2010

today's Jim Morrison story: Pardon Me But,

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On today's Jim Morrison story.

Pardon me, but,

I don't trust Patricia Morrison and, I don't know, it's not like she has a monopoly on the bottled-up essence of Jim Morrison. She seems desperate "to know Jim like no other" ... Would he still be w/ her? (maybe that's why he dies in Paris w/ Pamela Susan in an upstairs aprtment ... Pamela following a few years later ... passing on to the other side of morning) ...

Best of Rusted Roses,
John French
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P.S. if you're not in the know w/ this new NEWS on Jim Morrison, CNN's American Morning just did a piece on the State of FLA deciding whether to pardon Jim Morrison or not for the notorious Miami show

Sunday, December 5, 2010

West Coast Halibut

Last night the little electric grill on the backporch came in handy once again as the western winds blew the smell of snow into the meadow - a little hint of what was to come for us in Pittsburgh this morning. The first snow of the season (well, of any significance more than just flurries). Accumulation.

After preheating the grill to 500, the two pieces of West Coast Halibut Sneaky Pete cut for us sizzled my senses ...

With a little extra virgin olive oil gently rubbed on and sprinkles of Simply Organic rosemary, parsley and onion powder I was sure I had a winner.

But what helped make it completely a sure thing for a good Saturday night dinner were those side dishes prepared by my female counterpoint.

She makes awesome brussel sprouts in the heavy pans that when cut in halves and face up and a little brown from the pan make me smile with hungry eyes.

And I love taking flaky bites of West Coast Halibut and mixing with the Organic Select Rice (Texmati Brown Rice) with its sauteed onions, mushrooms, spinach and one cage free, antibiotic free egg and a little red curry.

The woody taste of the mushrooms and grainy background from the brown rice came together to make delicious bites washed down by a nicely understated Pinot Noir.

Now, of course, other factors like the perfect Christmas Tree and having heard my late friend Tonya Brown of Queen Bee & the Blue Hornet Band on WYEP's King Bee Blues program while cooking are cool things going on to help set the mood ... and DEQ's Rhythm Sweet & Hot playing from the kitchen while we eat and talk about current events is always a key ingredient for a cool Saturday night ...

Best of White Christmas Roses,
John French
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