Saturday, December 24, 2011

Science Shows Global Consciousness Peaked Hrs. Before Plane(s) Hit on 9/11: (explains my stirring premonition, conclusion, prayers)

This is not surprising for me as I can easily entertain that "time" is not the pounding beat behind it all in the universe. In fact, sometimes I can easily see that time was an invention of man to march to man's decree(s) and for fashionable, sporting men & women to purchase a piece like a Catier and state to everybody "yes, I got the time, you see."
Laird Hamilton once explained to Eddie Vedder that he can successfully surf the big wave with help of a song that he's "been into" at that time of his life in which he listens to over and over and over again = and when he's conquering the big wave (or "riding it") he pulls-up that song that he's played over and over again over his stereo and within his mind and he uses this to "slow down" time so that he then "has time to do his thing."
Sure, it may be easier for one to understand the NeuroScientists and Theoretical Physicists than the stoned language of surfer-boy, Laird Hamilton, who dropped out of high school and wears flip-flops like all-the-time. .. So, let's not change course but rather depictions. .. (Prediction, prediction = what's your depiction?). ..
New research is discovering that thoughts can fly across space and that we all may be part of a global consciousness. Scientifically, a sixth ...
This gentleman below and his random number generator discovered that human consciousness (people sitting next to the machine and paying attention to its function) has an effect on the numbers being randomly generated. He began a network of colleagues around the world with these machines running every second of everyday and reporting back to a main server in his lab where he analyzes the data and levels of global consciousness around the globe.
9/11 was one event that had the highest level of global consciousness (awareness and thoughts).
However, what is really interesting is that this peak in global consciousness began well before (4:30am)that first plane hit lower Manhattan in an act of terror by bad, violent, evil men (fundalmentalists).
This helps explain why after midnite I was stirred out of my bed (out of sleep) and was compelled to wrap a blanket about my shoulders and torso and stand out on the front porch = perched, looking at the moon. I actually didn't find this act peculiar but rather the moon in front of me and the energy I was feeling all around. I came to the conclusion that no matter what evil men think and do to try and extinguish good in humankind by violent measures and decrees that light will always prevail. Light and life will go on.

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