Thursday, August 14, 2008

Video: Rain by Rusted Root @ Penn State University April 2005 "Movin' On" Concert (Alumni Weekend, Blue & White Weekend & Earth Day Weekend)

This footage was taken back in April 2005 on the lawn of the Student Union Building (HUB) at Penn State University (Happy Valley), State College, PA. It was quite chilly but that did not deter people from creating one of the biggest crowds on the HUB lawn for a show - nor did it curtail any enthusiasm for the band playing that night. At this time original members Jim Donovan, Jenn Wertz and Johnny B (John Buynak) were playing in the band. Co-founders Michael Glabicki & Liz Berlin are still rocking out with original member Patrick Norman on bass guitar.

This song is called Rain and features quite an original sound and is demonstrative of the energy, ritual and musicianship which has sustained the bands unique viability through the shifting sands of time.

I had my digital video camera "in the pit" (between the edge of the stage and the barrier w/ security which separates the crowd) and friends, Mikey and Karen, were checking on Liz's camera in the crowd at the sound board.

And thanks to Mike & Karen for letting me crash at their place in Boalsburg. What a great time.

As a fan and a friend I'm looking forward to the release of the new studio album by Rusted Root --- the latest since 2002 and the release of a double live CD in 2005. This new material is engaging in a way that is easy to gravitate towards and organically blends w/ all the favorites = which makes for a fun, dynamic, kick ass show. But it will be nice to play these new songs in my car while driving down the road.

Best of August Roses, John French
$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$

two wastes of life

i know she's pushed around

i know she's hit around

i know she's pushed around
and hit around - again

it feels like it's never gonna end

it's probably never gonna end

she don't wanna tell
so she lives in hell

she lives in hell
and will probably never tell

she thinks she needs him
always cooks and feeds him

she's captured and surrendered
and treated worse than a dog

no matter what she does
it's not good enough

no matter what he'd ever say
it's not good enough

no matter what he'd ever do
it's not good enough

it's not normal - it's not right
it's wrong & two wastes of life

best of the roses, john french
written 8:47 a.m. august 14 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

These Women of the New Everyday Media Are So Beautiful = If Beauty Were a Rose, I'd Sniff Their Middles Everyday ... ... ... ...

Ann Curry with His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Dave Matthews

Megyn Kelly

Julie Chen

Courtney Friel

Maggie Rodriguez

Karin Chetry

Anna Gilligan

Becky Quick

Robin Meade

Heidi Collins

Jenna Lee

Brooke Anderson

Patti Ann Browne

Sonni Abatta
Margaret Brennan

Erica Hill

Jodi Applegate

Julie Banderas and Heather Neuert

Martha MacCallum

Jane Skinner

Molly Line

Smoking Red HOT Suzanne Malveaux

Jackie Johnson

Jamie Colby

Alisyn Camerota

Domenica Davis

Gretchen Carlson (the Judge and Kilmeade)

Maria Bartiromo
Mary Louise Parker

Amy Robach

Bianna Golodryga

Erin Burnett

Sandra Smith

Heidi Clum

Natalie Morales and Maria Menounos

Maria MenounosVeronica De La Cruz

Rebecca Gomez = "Go Go"

Susan Hendricks

Kate Bolduan
Liz Claman (she knows French = and she's HOT)

Contessa Brewer

Poppy Harlow

Mélissa Theuriau ...(sigh)...
Alexis Glick

Brianna Keilar

Kirsten Powers

Melisa Long

Shannon Bream

Courtney Hazlett

Betty Nguyen

E.D. Hill

Andy Adler

Trish Regan

Jackie Maretsky

Jennifer Westhoven

Linda Stouffer

Ainsley Earhardt

Elizabeth Hasselbeck

Katie Couric
Kate Snow

Molly Henneberg

Best of August Roses, John French