Saturday, April 21, 2012

What Jeff Tweedy Said About Dana Perino

Greg, has what Jeff tweedy of Wilco said about Dana Perino = tired of Dana Perino types getting everything handed to them. Yeah, I don't think of this as a "smear campaign." Instead of "smear campaign" I just place Dana Perino's face with the concept & phrase "everything handed to them." I mean, c'mon, obviously, life has toughened-you-up and so you're more deserving of any kind of hand out.

John French 77 posted a link to Greg Gutfeld's Wall: (Fun w/ Dana Perino & Greg Gutfeld)

Unfollow Dana Perino (@danaperino) & Follow Greg Gutfeld (@greggutfeld) Campaign OR Just Follow Greg Gutfeld @greggutfeld if you haven't followed Dana Perino anyway. ..

Best of the Roses but not rose colored glasses, John French 77
New Media Matters: an everyday art

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ween - Live In Chicago - Big Jilm + What Jeff Tweedy Said

Jeff Tweedy said that he was tired of Dana Perino types getting everything handed to them and like WEEN everything just coming so easy while he had to work the railyard for his guitar sounds and so after being on the same circuit w/ the genius twins = (the ones & only Dean and Gene WEEN) he just stole the "Big Jilm" sound and started rocking out "I Might" . .. Now on the latest Wilco album but best deciphered (Big Jilm) "I Might" Jeff Tweedy solo acoustic . ... best of the Roses but not rose colored glasses, JEEM French and the new media matters.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Unfollow Dana Perino (@danaperino) & Follow Greg Gutfeld (@greggutfeld) Campaign

How's things where you are???...

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So, Greg, I have experience with grassroots marketing --- whether it's for business like marketing to fortune 500 companies, Rodale Press (as you know) or helping a musical artist (as you know) or helping someone like Gov Tommy Thompson R WI while attending Marquette Uni....(knocking door-to-door in Ralph Lauren). ...

And I had some dream about this "the new everyday media" where something happened and at one point in the dream I'm w/ a Hollywood Emmy Guy in NYC in a bar after 2a and after a little eye sex this leggy blond woman (we're sure of it) w/ long wavy hair and red lips walks up to me and starts making out w/ me and then I try and relay to Julia Allison (who we were interviewing the next day) why I love NYC because of that woman and she said that was inappropriate to relay to her (WTF?!, Julia was partly your creation, Greg). ...
And now there's been this newer dream about New Media Matters; an everyday art. .. which is going well even w/ out any grass roots marketing or marketing at all.

But Dana has had everything givenand handed to her her whole life (i hate people like that) because she's so damn cute / HOT and blond --- and she has this squeaky clean image the Republican party uses and, well, you squeak all right but your basement is filthy dirty and you're a dog. ... ( we all know). ...

Yet, the dirty underdog Greg Gutfeld @greggutfeld who mentioned John French and and the Top Hottest Women of the New Everyday Media on his show Red Eye on Fox News Channel @ 3am needs help... So, in short, I will be your "street team" for Pittsburgh.
And I know you will mention the new e-book New Media Matters: an everyday art (with its original poetry and its Top 100 Hottest Women of New Media Matters: an everyday art 2012) on Red Eye when the sneak-peak "all new" now up is converted to "go live" status is up and running (soon). ..
Henceforth, people, unfollow Dana Perino (@danaperino) & Follow Greg Gutfeld (@greggutfeld) ...
p.s. is Bob Beckel real???!!! if so i'd like to have a steak and Manhattan w/ him. ..
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Greg, you're fun to watch.


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The Clash - Radio Clash - Tom Synder Show 1981

This is Radio ClashStealing all transmissionsBeaming from the mountaintopUsing aural ammunitionWith extreme prejudiceOn a terminator missionThis is Radio ClashConsider your positionStep it up, get down lowBreaking news flashAssassinationThe whole country has been shotEvil will abateIn RevelationIn the Ministry of WhitewashWait, waitDon't switch off the deathYes, we have the latest scoreRebel Islanders: 101 and Home Yard: 44This is Radio ClashAnd we count your thoughtsWhen lightning splits the sky in halfSharper than a swordAnd in the thundercloudYou see another cloudBones as big as sticksEven angels were in hell on the morning of the sixthLike buckets of venom in (????)They've got a master planHuman wars over thereAnd we'll come and knock 'em downAnd he reaches the other side firstGets a job in the dirty old townAnd he reaches the other side firstGets a job in the dirty old townThis is not freeThis is not free EuropeNo, no, no, no, noNor an armed force networkThis is Radio ClashStealing all transmissionBeaming from the mountaintopAural ammunitionA riggy diggy dig dang dangThis is Radio ClashStealing informationBy his will as a (???)Use careful confirmationBribery, extortionLegal legislationSecurity is life indeedAccept no other explanationThis is Radio ClashOn pirate satelliteOrbiting your living roomEverybody hold on tight

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bob Dylan - Lot To Laugh, Train To Cry - off of HWY 61 Revisited = Played live (sneak peak of new look, some original poetry and top 100 hottest = New Media Matters: an everyday art = sneak peak). ..
Best of the Roses (but not rose colored glasses), gianni french