Saturday, April 21, 2012

What Jeff Tweedy Said About Dana Perino

Greg, has what Jeff tweedy of Wilco said about Dana Perino = tired of Dana Perino types getting everything handed to them. Yeah, I don't think of this as a "smear campaign." Instead of "smear campaign" I just place Dana Perino's face with the concept & phrase "everything handed to them." I mean, c'mon, obviously, life has toughened-you-up and so you're more deserving of any kind of hand out.

John French 77 posted a link to Greg Gutfeld's Wall: (Fun w/ Dana Perino & Greg Gutfeld)

Unfollow Dana Perino (@danaperino) & Follow Greg Gutfeld (@greggutfeld) Campaign OR Just Follow Greg Gutfeld @greggutfeld if you haven't followed Dana Perino anyway. ..

Best of the Roses but not rose colored glasses, John French 77
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