Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Clash - Radio Clash - Tom Synder Show 1981

This is Radio ClashStealing all transmissionsBeaming from the mountaintopUsing aural ammunitionWith extreme prejudiceOn a terminator missionThis is Radio ClashConsider your positionStep it up, get down lowBreaking news flashAssassinationThe whole country has been shotEvil will abateIn RevelationIn the Ministry of WhitewashWait, waitDon't switch off the deathYes, we have the latest scoreRebel Islanders: 101 and Home Yard: 44This is Radio ClashAnd we count your thoughtsWhen lightning splits the sky in halfSharper than a swordAnd in the thundercloudYou see another cloudBones as big as sticksEven angels were in hell on the morning of the sixthLike buckets of venom in (????)They've got a master planHuman wars over thereAnd we'll come and knock 'em downAnd he reaches the other side firstGets a job in the dirty old townAnd he reaches the other side firstGets a job in the dirty old townThis is not freeThis is not free EuropeNo, no, no, no, noNor an armed force networkThis is Radio ClashStealing all transmissionBeaming from the mountaintopAural ammunitionA riggy diggy dig dang dangThis is Radio ClashStealing informationBy his will as a (???)Use careful confirmationBribery, extortionLegal legislationSecurity is life indeedAccept no other explanationThis is Radio ClashOn pirate satelliteOrbiting your living roomEverybody hold on tight

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