Saturday, February 7, 2009

Johnny B = a really groovy guy ...

Photo: John Buynak ... year? location? (onstage somehwere after a Rusted Root show)

I like this photo of Johnny B & me. I don't recall the year it was taken as I am lucky to be a friend of Johnny B for quite a while now - I really don't know. I do recall that it was taken on stage somehere right after a Rusted Root show. He posted this pic on my FB wall yesterday and it made me really beam w/ a smile.

Johnny B is a really groovy guy ...

John is an artist/musician who was born in Akron Ohio, June 24th (1965) to George and Connie. Along with three older sisters, it was here that he would attend grade school and graduate high school (83).

He moved to Pittsburgh to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he graduated in 1986. While working a couple graphic jobs, such as inking cells for animated cartoons, or printing for local businesses, John started working as a bicycle messenger, and he found that the more he rode the less he wanted to look for a "real" job.

“It was around 1990 I started working with the band Rusted Root as an artist & photographer and was soon asked to join the band as a musician."

Rusted Root has been blessed with the opportunity to play and tour with the likes of Santana, the Allman Brothers, the Dave Matthews Band, Page and Plant, and the Grateful Dead among others.

John played, toured, and recorded with RR from 1990 up until 2007

In 1995 his interest in The Pathwork (Eva Pierrakos) led him to a breath workshop at the Sevenoaks Pathwork Center in Virginia. While there he met Jonathan Goldman who in 1997 introduced him to the Santo Daime doctrine, which has had a profound effect on his life and work.“It was after meeting Jorge Arenivar at the wedding of some friends (1999) that I was also introduced to the Lakota style of vision questing, which includes sweat lodges, fasting (no food or water) and at least three days of isolation in the great outdoors. This can prove to be a very intense and revealing experience if you’re up for the challenge.”

All of these experiences continue to contribute to John’s evolving style. Currently he’s producing artwork for gallery shows as well as putting together a book of his artwork and photography.

Best of the Roses, John Alan French


Friday, February 6, 2009

Red HOT Women of the New Everyday Media for "Red Day" ...

My Megyn Kelly

KO Kiran Chetry


Riveting Robin Meade

HOT Heidi Collins

Smoking RED HOT Suzanne Malveaux

S.E. Cupp

Natalie Morales

Viviana Vigil 2 HOT

"Trish the Dish" Regan

Sandra Smith and Rebecca Diamond

Alexis Glick and Jenna Lee

Meredith Viera

Maria Quiban

Margaret Brennan

Lis Whiel

Shannon Bream

Liz Claman

Kirtsen Powers

Gretchen Carlson (still a beauty queen) w/ Miss America

Gretch w/ Kimberly

Courtney Friel = A++++++++++++
oh yeah ...

Juliet Huddy & Mike

She looks radiantly beautiful

(and "thank you" Juliet)

Alisyn Camerota w/ Steeve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade

Amy Robach = rocks

Amy Robach and Natalie Morales = a Yummy TODAY

Lauren Green

Jamie Colby = (i love watching her w/ Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld for House Call at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday on Fox News Channel)

Julia Boorstin

Jane Skinner = a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan

Jenna Wolfe and Melissa Lee

Erin Burnett

Betty Ngyuen

Becky Quick

Erica Hill and Jenna Lee "Doing It Early" on CBS

Best of the Roses,
John Alan French