Friday, October 10, 2008

Women and Wine

It was reported Today on Today
A glass or two of red wine everyday
Is not a bad thing to do for you, hey-hey
And the report had the anchors of Today on
The network which hosts Tina Fey say, "hey-hey"

Woman and wine - of course, they're both fine
...yeah, so why not have them both everyday
and make everybody else look and think, "hey-hey"

Well some of the best women of the time drink wine...
and some of the best times I ever had were with wine
It's not a bad thing for you to do - a glass or two per day
drinking wine everyday makes women sing, "hey-hey"
And what's wrong with women taking time to sing songs
Having a laugh or cry - taking time for a glass of red a day

Some of the best talks I ever had were with some wine
and some of the best lines ever written were with wine
and some of the most mighty fine women drink red wine
So go get a bottle or two or three and drink some everyday
Careful just to uncork one per day like the good doctors' say
There's nothing wrong with two glasses and song everyday
Uncorking a bottle as a past-time & watching women unwind
is like drinking a reserved vintage aged with care and time
The descriptions of taste and character - velvety; full bodied
Adjectives & adverbs used to describe both fine women & wine

I enjoy them both all the time --- at least two everyday ---
--- Just like those good doctors' say, "hey-hey" --- hey-hey

written 7:15 a.m. Friday October 10th
Best of the Roses,
john french

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