Monday, October 6, 2008


Undecided I went into Nordstroms with two sport coats in mind.
One was a conservative, traditional blue blazer and the other a
Classic as well - being a herringbone pattern and double breasted
One would cost me more money than the other one would but the
Other may open-up more opportunity in the long run and be better
For me as one was the kind of conservative, traditional look and
The other was a change for me that may do me some real good
So I asked a young woman for advice - and she liked herringbone
So I asked an older woman too - she said to go more conservative
"Fuck!" I thought. "Do I really even need these at all? Why bother?"
One was smooth and screamed promises of change and new life
And the other stated that I was established, steady and traditional
So I left Nordstroms, got into my Volvo wagon and drove home then
Where I drank a six pack of beer with Joe and watched ice hockey
Then shot some hoops at the basketball court & made pretty shots
And thought about what Tom Cruise would wear on the Oprah show

written over the weekend of 10/3/08

Best of the Roses, Gianni French

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