Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shep Smith Behind the Camera: Admits to Slapping Red Eye's Bill Schulz on the Ass and Making Him Fetch a Frappuccino - (on several occasions)

"Sure! I slapped Schulz on the ass and told him to
"fetch the Shep"
some hot coffee.
It's because of me FNC is viable enough to keep a weirdo
like him employed and on TV anyway!
Now, where's that coffee?!"
"You hate me, don't you?!
Yes, I am that obnoxious!"

"You're an insensitive Ogre, Sheppard!
Yes you are!
Bill Schulz is a sweetheart!
You should be more like him!"

"OMG! Mike Gallagher, tell me you didn't ask me
if I'd rather be smacked in the ass than Shulz?!
Why don't you think this is a big deal?!

Brian Kilmeade:
"Oh, great! Here we go!
I might as well stayed at home
and heard the same old shit
from my wife!!!!"

"What about Kevin Godlington, Shep?!

"Shep, what about me?!
We could play Charlie's Angels!
Look at my hair!"

"Wait a minute! Sheppard Smith is gay?!!"

"Shep, if you're gonna play butt-bongos, you should do it
out of the country - I know a little spot - Ask Gutfled = He
came with me before and was enthralled!!!"


"Well, was there a goose involved or just an open handed slap?!"

After last weekend I thought you promised
that things would change?!?!?!"

Best of the Roses,
Giovanni French

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