Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do Everyday Media Women & Men like the Idea of Baseball Team Seeking Plus-Size Male Cheerleaders???

"For real?!
Shit! I'm calling President Bill Clinton!
We're gonna have so much fun!!

"I am totally down with this!!!"

"Like they really think I'm gonna be intrigued
by plus size fat guys?!
I thought everybdoy knew I love John French?!"

"I can be into seeing some Plus-Size men!!
I mean, sure, no problem!"

"This is really funny!"

"Ah! 'Shit, man! What a trip, Daddy-O!"

"Yeah, okay?!
Plus size men cheering at a baseball game?!
What a good idea!!"

I'm down with some plus-size men!
No problem!!"


Best of Florida Roses,
Giovanni French

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