Friday, September 24, 2010

$5 decision? What would Jesus do?

So, this morning, for the second time an obviously mentally and physically challanged person who appears to be early thirties and incapable of securing employment and earning money locked in on me and opened the circa 1970's change purse he carries and said he doesn't have enough. This was in front of Bruegger's where my Volvo wagon is sometimes parked -as it was this American Morning.

Today he needed orange juice and didn't have enough. Last time (the first time) it was a dollar more for a bagel and milk.

I gave him a five ---Now, that obviously didn't matter to the few same peole who are in Brugger's in the window, in the same seats every morning -sitting, eating, and talking (an awful long time) but the fact that I did give him any money at all must have bothered "this crowd" an awful lot --- as one of the elders stood up and walked to the door, opened the door and stood there and was scawling at me - scolding me in expression and energy ...

Now unless that's the proper guardian for this person - what business does he have? Do I need to get an attorney? Am I on trial here now?

But, yeah, he has a right to protest (or at lest I think we all do still, anyway, right?) ... Well, maybe I should start protesting how he and his little group sit there every morning for hours and judge people?! ...especially instead of doing something productive to contribute to the positive(s) in life ...

Best of the Roses,
"New Media Madness: an everyday art 2010 - 2011"

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