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1985's Masterpiece Sci-Hor Film Re-Animator and My Insights Into Red Eye's Copy Cat Attempt this Monday May 12, '08

First: The Re-Animator of 1985

The Academy Award for best use of a headless corpse goes to..., 8 April 2004
Author: Joseph Riesenbeck (eazyguy62) from United States - states below in a shade of green -

Most of the cheap or not so cheaply made horror films these days are nothing more than a tedious exercise in how to bump off as many teenagers in as many different ways as one can imagine in ninety minutes or less. One need only watch recent films such as Wrong Turn or the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre to realize how far the horror genre has fallen. Once John Carpenter made the first Halloween film, we have been subject to an endless series of copy cat films whose only purpose seems to be finding an imaginative way to slice and dice the local teenage population. All of the Freddies, Jasons, and Michael Myers films combined don't come close to having an ounce of the entertainment and imagination of Producer Brian Yuzna and Director and Writer Stuart Gordon's Re-animator.Professor Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) is a scientist who has discovered a formula which brings the dead back to life by reanimating their tissue. After an experiment in Switzerland goes awry, he moves to Miskatonic University to continue his experiments. One thing Professor West isn't and that is modest. He even takes a few moments to ridicule a professor, Dr. Carl Hill (David Gale) when he disagrees with him about when death actually occurs. He eventually rents a room from fellow student Dan Cain (Bruce Abbot). Dan is dating Megan Halsey (Barbara Crampton) who is the daughter of the college dean, Alan Halsey (Robert Sampson). What Dan doesn't know is that the aforementioned Dr. Hill has a perverted eye on Megan also. We know this because of the sleazy stares Dr. Hill eyeballs her with when ever she's around. Think of Megan as being an overage Lolita and Dr. Hill as Humbert Humbert and you've got the idea. All of this is not window dressing as it would be in some other films. It all comes into play very nicely. It goes without saying that sooner or later, Dr. West will be making good use of his reanimation formula, in ways only those with the most grotesque sense of humor can imagine. To say any more than that would deny you of the true pleasures of this film.How can a film that is so explicitly graphic and perverted in nature be fun? It's because every person involved in the making of Re-Animator was smart enough not to take it too seriously themselves. Everything in this film is so wildly over the top, that you can't help but chuckle right along with them as they wink their eye at you. There may be certain moments of the film that would normally sicken even the most hardcore horror film fanatic, but since Yuzna and Gordon never once let Re-animator sink into the tedious by the numbers game of other films of these nature, these same scenes become intentionally cartoonish and silly.But more than anything, this film owes it's life to it's cast. Jeffrey Combs as Herbert West should serve as the model for anyone wanting to make a film involving a mad or semi-mad scientist. Given this kind of role, there is many an actor who would have been tempted to ham it up and alas in many horror films they do just that. However, when Combs seems to imply that he is the smartest man on the planet and the rest of us are Neanderthal, we don't hate him for this implication at all. He is so good at making us believe he is the smartest man since Einstein and we are all nothing but Cro-magnon man by comparison that we love him for it just the same. He may be crazy, but he's a fun kind of crazy.David Gale as the smarmy Dr. Hill, is a joy to watch also. He has some of the most ridiculous scenes in the film yet somehow manages to keep a straight face through it all. He gives new life to the old saying about not losing your head over a piece of tail.Bruce Abbot as Dan Cain is the perfect contrast for West. He is a straight arrow, is madly in love with Megan, yet somehow lets himself become involved in West's experiments. Abbot also is smart enough to know that the center of this film is West, and never once overplays his role to try and overshadow him. As for Barbara Crampton, she should have won some kind of award, just for the abuse the producers put her through as Megan. Is there an award for most abuse of a female by the walking dead?Re-animator was made on a budget of less than a million dollars which is truly remarkable. There isn't a film budget in the world though that can replace the imagination and daring rampant through out Re-Animator. And when a horror film is that well done, and is something all the Freddies, and Jasons, And Michael Myers can only dream about, I have no choice but to give it my grade which for Re-Animator is an A.

Now: Red Eye's Copy Cat Attempt at Re-Animation...

On Monday May 12, 2008 somehow Red Eye was able to take the loveable Yale University classic "Town Talk" cracker stoner type, Doonesbury, and bring him beyond an animated life in human form known by the name of Dana Vachon

For over thirty years Doonesbury has had an uninterrupted history of inspiring controversy and generating fallout. It has consistently helped steer the national conversation - by commenting on it, provoking it and sometimes being the subject of it. From cancelled papers and angry commentary to military commendations and the Pulitzer Prize, Timeline chronicles the real-life adventures of a strip that can't stay out of the news.

Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau
Garry Trudeau
not only creates the most biting commentary, but his work often becomes a headline in and of itself. Doonesbury casts a watchful eye on the people, trends and issues facing Americans - from the Capitol steps to California’s political hotbed.

August 27, 1993

October 30, 1984

Doonesbury May 14, 2008

It's uncanny how similar these two are in looks, talk, thought patterns, gestures, body language and action that it can only be explained by the deviant genius of Red Eye host, Greg Gutfeld, and his quest to prolong his 15 Minutes into eternal infamy...

Heneceforth, based on the 1985 Sci-Hor film, Greg is now the new Re-Animator and this so, called, Dana Vachon, is just one of Gutfeld's sick variety of characters he collects and animates to entertain himself, cronies and to torture the rest of us with.

I interviewed Mrs. Jackie Gutfeld, Greg's mother, by telephone last evening and she confirmed that "Greggy" had a strange fascination w/ animated male characters, Ken Dolls, squirrels, serums and energy - ("he was was always talking about AC/DC")...

When researching Dana Vachon I found pics where he looks like a fresh, preppy version of the character, Doonesbury, founded in the 60's @ Yale. However, just this past Monday Vachon was looking like the older, burnt but still charmingly Ivy League stylishish Doonesbury. As Vachon is only 28 I attribute his overly tired, burnt and dishevelled elegant Ivy League look to either a). Bill Schulz and TV's Andy Levy let him join-in on the Red Eye pre-taping ritual or b). Vachon just finished reading the taxing piece on his Manhattan launch party for Mergers & Acquisitions which appeared in the Huffington Post --- Justifiable indeed. I know my eyes were bleeding and I felt like a shallow, superficial, synthetic myself just reading that piece and immediately started puking in my mouth from the overwhelming thought and taste of a sweaty shrink-wrapped piece of Velveeta cheese.

Furthermore I wouldn't doubt that Gutfeld and Doonesbury creator, Garry Trudeau, collaborated on "Vachon's book."

Doonesburry = Yale based --- Vachon = Duke University based. "Coincidence = I think not!"

Best of Re-Animated Roses, Gianni French $$$$$$$$$$$

P.S. Jeanine Pirro looked HOT in the "Hot Seat" on this episode Monday, May 12th

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