Saturday, May 17, 2008

More "Video Blogging" at Its Best = 100% Certified Organic

No Meaningless Synthetic Bull Shit Here..., like, if you've only seen the Doors Movie by Oliver Stone starring Val Kilmer and Meg Ryan, you should really check this video-out for Roadhouse Blues which features footage from a documentary film that Jim Morrison had shown at a film festival in Atlanta about am American rock & roll band out on-the-road and going to city to city everyday...

Now, please note, I have a healthy respect for Jim Morrison as an entertainer, poet, film maker, musician --- there was no one like him and no one will ever be like him again = there is only one Jim. He was certainly unique, extremely compelling, captivating, exotic, genius, expressive and sensitive. Again, I have a healthy respect for him as an engaging human be-ing but I definitely like having found my own voice and having found comfort in my own skin.

Allot of people can get lost in the world of Jim and allot of people have used Jim for their own agenda and wanted Jim to be what they wanted him to be for that agenda = not giving Jim the freedom to be Jim ... whatever that might mean...

Best of L.A. Roses,
John Alan Conte` Jr.

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