Friday, May 16, 2008

One of the Best Red Eye's Ever...(Taped Thurs. May 15th and Aired on Fri. May 16tth @ 3 a.m.)

Joining Host Greg Gutfled, Bill Schulz & TV's Andy Levy = Guests Included: Kevin Godlington, British military veteran, TV personality; Sherrod Small, comedian; Janine Driver, body language expert; Diana Falzone, Maxim Radio Sirius Satellite talk show host.

Everybody looked freshly respectable like they were going to the black tie event in Pittsburgh that Harrick Conick, Jr. attended this past Saturday (the revered Civic Light Opera (CLO) Pink Frolic) --- --- even Kevin had a suit on (no tie but a suit)!

The chemistry of these personalities was so explosive last night that these people should definitely not be allowed to congregate together in public places were there's risk of injury from the mighty blast of energy they create ...

Gutfeld had some of his best Intro's / World Play ever ... for instance, for the second half of the show when Gutfeld was re-introducing his guests he cleverly stated, "Sherrod Small ... If comedic talent were a pencil sharpener I'd stick wood in him every morning." And, for the lovely Diana Falzone (one of my new favorites and the new, best like real life Carrie Bradshaw in Manhattan) Gutfeld unleashed this, "Diana Falzone ... If hotness were an elevator, I'd go down on her at work, everyday..."

Relevant topics in the NEWS were covered like never before ---

Regarding Iran and the supply of organs from its people as the are selling organs for $1,200 to the government and, consequently, there is no waiting list compared to U.S. where --- Kevin struck a good but strange point about being a middle man to the U.S. where he would buy these needed organs from Iranians and sell them to US for an inflated price --- He would make money and make the people of the U.S. better and then Iranians would want to booster its economy so people there would sell in record numbers --- and so therefore when the western world goes to war w/ Iran they'll be weak because its people won't have all of their essential organs).

Yup, that's Kevin for you.

Kevin Godlington

Sherrod Small (friend of John Mayer), as always, had some of the best one liners ever... He was on fire and it's always hilarious to here his "zingers" on the show ...

Sherrod Small

Diana Falzone (one of my new favorites and the new, best like real life Carrie Bradshaw in Manhattan) was HOT, cleverly funny, not obnoxious like allot of HOT women on camera or around men can be because they think that there hotness somehow automatically makes them really super funny and really super important ... She was splendidly sexxy, "Sirusly"sarcastic and surreal.

Diana Falzone

And, of course, Mrs. Jackie Gutfeld was a delightful dish of good, jolly, informative fun...

When talking about the law suit against Jet Blue that that poor man from NY has to go through w/ because he was grossly mistreated by a Jet Blue pilot and female flight attendant - making him sit on a toilet for hours during a west coast to east coast flight - Mrs. Gutfeld commented that that's not a bad way to make a couple million dollars ... and that she'd sit on the toilet for a couple million in a heart beat!

Mrs. Gutfeld also commented on the current poor woman lost at sea that's a mystery --- and she also, endearingly, defended President Bush from the Obama attacks. Both Greg and his mother wondered out load, "when will Obama quit trashing President Bush about the so called failure of the War on Terror and actually come up w/ his own plan for fighting the very real War on Terror?"

Lastly, one of the topics covered featured a pictorial representation of this subject matter which entailed Jack Nicholas w/ out his shirt. The topic was, "should man boobs be shunned by public viewings and, also, is it an indecent crime to video or take pictures of man boobs in a public place?"

I think "Jack" is a beautiful human be-ing and one hell of a fucking great actor... man boobs or not...

Best of Organic Roses, Giovanni French $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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