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1776 The Production: Influences on and interpretations of ending of National Lampoon’s 1978 film Animal House – a correlation made with strong evidence

Last evening we attended 1776 at Pittsburgh’s  O'Reilly Theater.

It was a riveting performance.

I was first exposed to the production of 1776 back in 1976 when my eldest sibling was part of the Wheeling Jesuit production of it. It bit me then and became one of my favorite movies as a kid and theatrical performances. In fact, I used to prance around on the family’s large stone fireplace I used as a stage for my own special performances for friends & family and do the “Here a Lee from Virginia” song – which takes place when John Adams and Benjamin Franklin cajole Richard Henry Lee of Virginia to champion making the debate of Independence a legitimate one to discuss in congress at Philadelphia.    

If you’re gonna b*tch about the government and “the man” and inequalities, freedom, loss of freedom, taxes, tyranny & revolution = than you should know what went down as a prelude to 1776 and America’s Deceleration of Independence.

Nowadays, when people actually mutter the words “Deceleration of Independence” they talk about it like it is something in a dusty old crusty schoolbook.  People refer to the Deceleration of Independence and for them it’s just a noun – just another person, place, or thing.

Like it’s just some object in a prepositional phrase or something!

After the signing of the Deceleration of Independence most Americans enjoyed real freedom(s) and, after that, also allowed for John Adam’s biggest wish coming true = all men being recognized as equal & free in the United States of America. Or another example, We enjoy the freedoms of the Deceleration of Independence.

However, watching 1776 on a Friday night after a hard week’s work, it dawned on me! The Deceleration of Independence isn’t just a thing in a crusty old schoolbook! It’s a verb! It’s a call to action!

The Deceleration of Independence is a call to action!

And, to make it sexxy for today, well, think of our forefathers who loved to drink rum, have lively debate amongst themselves & female counterparts sarcastically handing King George a celebratory birthday cake that says “eat me” on it = celebrating the birth of a free nation. Free of the shackles of monarchic tyrannies and unjust, unwarranted persecutions = just like The Deltas handed Dean Vernon Wormer and Mayor Carmine De Pasto at
Faber’s homecoming parade in the 1978 classic National Lampoon film Animal House.
Here is the classic scene “enter DeathMobile.” Neverthless, in the same vein of vigorous spirit, go see 1776 and realize for yourself = The Deceleration of Independence is not just a noun. It’s a verb. It’s a call to action.

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