Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brilliance #new poem by John French & the new everyday media

Looking at graffiti covered buildings
In the rain of January = Morning streets
Spoke something to me as I whizzed by
purple colored umbrella carried by a
healthcare worker hustling toward one
of the city's award winning hospitals ---
If this life of ours is measured by the vibrancy

of the frequency we emit, then we really don't want
anything jamming our transmissions so we can be crystal
clear in frequency without any interrupted static; the bell jar.

There are agents that can aid and help ensure you find a clear channel to tune into - and,
broadcast your brilliant energy like a star in the night. Find these agents and employ them if you need. .. if you want to be brilliant
that is ...

Written by
John French and the new everyday media
10:30a Wednesday 2013
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