Sunday, January 27, 2013

Alisyn Camerota interview w/ John French & the new everyday media on the United States President

As an anchor on the hugely popular Fox & Friends program, Alisyn Camerota has done it all. From reporting on hard-hitting news stories to judging hot dog-eating contests among her fellow co-anchors, Alisyn handles herself with grace and a good old-fashioned sense of humor. Alisyn loves her Fox & Friends family, her career and being a mom to three toddlers, twin girls Alessandra and Francesca, 4, andNathaniel, 2.

And, now, she gets one question with John French & the new everyday media. .. 


AC: Q: If you had a sit down with the President, what would you ask?

JF: A: Alisyn, here's is what I'd ask our President Obama: why do you have someone put your socks on for you in the morning? are you really that different & better than everybody else? do you make them start w/ the same foot everyday or do they have at least that freedom of choice for the left or for the right?


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