Sunday, January 27, 2013

"If I Were President" by John French for the New Online Mag Called "Investigation"

If I were president I’d put a ban on #2 pencils thus creating a new demand and a new market to supply them which I’d then let the Swedish Nihilists control all along the Canadian border of the U.S. making them extremely rich & powerful & @my political mercy & the more affluent, political, less thug looking ones in the public eye would help fund my parties campaigns thru friends of theirs in Minnesota + moreover, having banned #2 pencils congress would no longer be able to write its bull sh*t (as it’s a Beltway insider’s know = congress pays aids big bucks to do their typing for them not needing to know how to send an email, tweet or use a Blackberry = they rely on #2 pencils & legal pads by their nightstands & on their desks = anyone who tries to get “techy” only is reminded by the Weiner, Anthony of NY). ..

Best of the Roses (but not rose colored glasses),

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