Monday, January 5, 2009

in your Tavern the day after Christmas

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Subject: in your Tavern the day after Christmas
Date: Monday, January 5, 2009, 8:18 AM


My wife and I were in the Jean Bonnet Tavern the day after Christmas and you gave me your business card.

Yeah, as I briefly mentioned to you then, I got kinda lost this fall when I trying to drive back to Pittsburgh from State College with this "Hollywood Emmy Guy" (he has an Emmy and lives in L.A.) as he wanted to go see the Allman Brothers & the Grateful Dead in State College for an Obama Benefit.

At any rate, as I was finding my way back to Pittsburgh via instincts, we passed your Tavern - and on that cool fall day with a mix of sun and clouds and fog and brilliant leaves of color I was feeling a certain distinct vibe - thanking and grateful for all the people who had traveled those roads and paths before me. Thanking them for their footsteps --- all the people who laughed, cried, died, danced, were married, fought, loved, had friends & mothers & daughters & fathers & brothers & sisters and was taught or worked or was just passin' bye there ...

In your Tavern my wife and I both had your crab & corn chowder and that Bavarian smoked pork chop with apple brandy. The food was warming and rewarding = just as it was to be welcomed to "tend to the fire" that was behind where we were sitting at the bar. Mindful of people like George Washington and John Adams who had come through the Tavern for refreshment, shelter, rest, information, laughter, warmth = I know that fire was tended before me with good intent for weary travelers and passers-byes. That made my day and was a special part of my special Christmas Holiday.

Best of New Year Roses,
John Alan Conte, Jr.
"John French"

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed meeting you and your wife. I believe that you truly appreciated and understood what the Jean Bonnet Tavern is all about. There are many places you can get nourishment or take a break, but to step into a building that has 245+ years of history makes it an experience. I hope that you will continue to stop in for a beverage, meal or to tend the fire when you pass our way in the future.