Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Early SNL Helped Shape My World ...

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Early SNL Helped Shape My World ... (this is from a friend/school mate who knew me from like K - PSU ... and we're just now reconnected through FB) ...

"John - just saw your blog... "


Rob Fortunato

December 31 at 10:02pm

Y'know the real irony - I used to live in Hawaii - it was one of those places that I always heard about, so after my first job in DC I just packed up an moved there for a year. It was a runaway place. A place that an Aliquippa kid goes to because he can - because he doesn't really know where else to go. How young I was...About Penn state - I do remember interviewing you there. I had no idea that you were nervous -- I remember that you had your first book of poetry published which had a black cover. I think that the front read, "A book of poetry by John Alan Conte, Jr"....I though that was just so damn cool. I started writing after that...(her smile is broad but dirty in the cornersthere is no priest, no procession, no mourners for she is the world and I am her evilleaving for her all that I spoil)...What I remember about John Conte...In 8th grade he was sexually active and I was jealous He had a beard before anyone in our class, and I was jealous He was quiet, sleepy eyed and cool - I on the other hand felt uncomfortable in the polyester gym clothes required by our lesbian phys ed instructorIn college he would retreat to a side room at a party with the girls and some vodkaQuiet conversation - almost unspoken Candlewax on a clothes trunkA sleeping bag in the middle of the living room floor A head full of ideas and words that made me sleepy just thinking about it...Have a great New Years man. Peace man R

Best of New Year Roses,
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