Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Everyday" Andy Warhol: at the Andy Warhol Museum the other day ...

At the Andy Warhol Museum the other day I saw this quote written on a wall as part of an exhibit on Andy:

"The breadth and significance of his influence has made him one of the most important artists of our time. He challenged traditional boundaries between art and life, art and business and different media. In the process he turned everyday life into art and art into a way to live the everyday - collecting, documenting, reproducing, experimenting, and collaborating with the people, places and things around him."

Per my post the other day (that same day I went to the Warhol again), basically, I was discussing how, mainly, when one views a painting in a museum that one processes, interprets and translates it via the faculty of the eyes and sight --- Whereas when one is reading a piece of art as a book or poem one reads the words and also hears them in the chamber of ones mind.

Andy Warhol's everyday pop art changed this process as he made everyday items and things into fabulous, viable pop art. Whereas these very everyday items and things one could find on or in a street walking down Broadway (or your local Main Street) oft contained or merely were slogans or some kind of wording whether brand names or phrases of some sort --- Thus, when viewing a piece of art on the wall in a museum, instead of just taking it all in through sponge like eyes and feeling it with your soul, with Andy's everyday pop art one does this but also exercises ones own voice (to make it even more personable, accessible and identifiably familiar) while reading the words and hearing them in ones own head.
Photo by Dennis Hopper: Andy Warhol at Table 1963

Edie Sedwick & Andy Warhol

Andy on the couch

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