Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TV weathergirl Louise Bourgoin forecast to be new Brigitte Bardot

The Sunday Times 2008
TV weathergirl Louise Bourgoin forecast to be new Brigitte Bardot
Matthew Campbell in Paris

A television weathergirl turned actress was being touted by French critics last week as the new Brigitte Bardot
Louise Bourgoin, 26, who until recently presented the weather forecasts for Canal Plus, throws a middle-aged lawyer’s life into turmoil as what one critic called “a Mediterranean bimbo” in her first film, which opened in French cinemas last week.
The Girl from Monaco was expected to launch Bourgoin internationally in the way that And God Created Woman put Bardot, the sex goddess of her generation, under a global spotlight in 1956. Comparisons to Bardot, who retired in 1973 to become an animal rights campaigner, were encouraged by the fact that Bourgoin is to play her in a film about Serge Gainsbourg, the singer, who was also one of Bardot’s lovers. Bourgoin was photographed putting on a Bardot-like pout recently for Paris Match magazine.
“As liberated as a young colt and with a bod kissed by Aphrodite,” was how Variety, the US entertainment trade newspaper, described her.
Bourgoin says she did not plan on being a celebrity when she became a forecaster. “I appreciate anonymity,” she said, “even if I find it charming when people come up to me in the street to ask what the weather is going to be like.”

The text in-between these pics are set as links for different Louise Bourgoin YouTube clips of Louise Bourgoin doing her Météo segment on Le Grand Journal - Canal Plus. She's awesome = w/ her vivacious natural beauty & delivery = She's so dynamic & engaging and translates on the screen in such a way us Americans can't seem to even dream on American TV. We are such boring rigid puritanical nimrods who take themselves way too seriously when it comes to all aspects of broadcasting the NEWS.

The New Everyday Media knows no lack of freedom and is expressive on many levels = engaging, educating, entertaining and liberating people.

Best of French Roses,
Giovanni French

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