Sunday, September 28, 2008

Delivering the NEWS = the Hottest Women of the New Everday Media: (a little foreshadowing) ...

... if be-ing one of the top two hottest women of the new everyday media were high grade sod developed at Penn State University, I'd lay her around as many gorgeous golf courses and exclusive estates as I could.

Karin Chetry = A+++ +++ +++ +++

... if beauty were a ski slope, I'd go down on her and then grab a cognac at the lodge lounge.

"Dear Riveting Robin Meade: If a riveting morning news delivery were the 18th Hole at Augusta, I'd use my putter to sink my balls" ..

Alisyn Camerota (Or, as Bill Schulz of Red Eye calls her - Alisyn CameHOTA = At any rate, she's the "most improved" and as far as forshadowing goes, yes, this listing is like "prep" work for the annual list I've been posting the last few years on in the first of every New Year = So, this January on I will be posting the 75 Top Hottest Women of the New Everyday Media 2009 which will be in my new e-book: The New Everyday Media)

Suzanne Malveaux = (I'm allowed to have favorites?... Aren't I?)

Jill Dobson ...(sigh)...

Amy Robach - NBC's Today

Yes, I am quite aware that I have already posted a very similar Jenna Lee photo - But, you know, it's just so TOTALLY SMOKING RED HOT = A +++ +++ +++(+)

Kate Bolduan

Jamie Colby

Harris Faulkner

Christina Park - Fox 5 NY

Sandra Smith

Maggie and Erica Hill

Jodi Applegate - Fox 5 NY

Carrie Lee

Meredith Vieria

Ann Curry and Meredith Vieria

Ann Curry - NBC

... apologies to Erin Andrews and Erica Hill as you were accidentally deleted and putting you back in now as I am about to finally post this would make a mess of the delicate formatting. Please note my intent.

Best of the World's Roses,
John French


Anonymous said...

OMG!! They are all so SMOKIN' HOTT!! I think I even like them better than most hott country singers!!

Unknown said...

So many redheads ... so little time.