Friday, May 23, 2008

"screaming amphibians" ... the characters of Red Eye rock the early morning satellites and TV towers

It's been enjoyable to just sit back, relax and laugh along with Red Eye and its cast of characters who provide one of the best informative and yet fun NEWS shows around the world. It's much better than the times I've had to laugh at them and write-in about how they've fucked-up and things they need to do to fix it = like the time they fucked-up and I suggested Nikki Sixx could correct the situation and get them back on track... And Greg, Bill and Andy delivered him.

Greg, Bill and Andy have been delivering allot lately = and have been consistently solid with great consecutive shows that have a stimulating flow that seem to go by rather quickly. I tune-in at 3 a.m. everyday of the week and as soon as it starts it's already time for TV's Andy Levy's Half Time Report and then before you know it Greg is reading the email messages sent in (or the ones that Bill Schulz actually wrote and sent in under his online handler name for his account, "funky-monkey-man-who-like-banana").

From talking about stories such as "sexpresso" = (drive through coffee houses that have women in sexy lingerie serving Joe's their cup-of-Joe's); and how comedian Michelle Collins buys her hot dogs at "schlongies" = to stories about how the first Internet couple is celebrating 25 years of marriage and further commentary revealing that the gorgeously smart, funny and articulate Anna Gilligan tried Internet dating after surprisingly finding out there's a shortage of good eligible men in NYC after having exhausted the traditional route via "friends of friends" or family and colleagues = to the story about two Belgian guys who developed a new form of utilitarian entertainment called "Place to Pee" which allows an individual to enjoy computer gaming while peeing (controlling "the play" w/ their own, attached "joysticks") to learning Greg is dating John Stamos; Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger dislikes Ted Casablanca and the how Entertainment Weekly's Senior Editor informed us about what summer movies are gonna be good and which ones will suck --- and the information which shocked me the most was unearthed when Greg asked his mother, Mrs. Jackie Gutfeld, if she was smoking stuff in the garden again and is that why she found McCain on SNL so hilarious.

Hmmnnn... Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger dislikes Ted Casablanca??? I wonder what that's about??? How can you not like E! and Ted and the Awful Truth???

Ted was speaking the funny awful truth this early a.m. when he commented that all the celebrities who complain about being gossiped about and having their names and photos all of the place are the ones who actually love all the exposure and desperately seek it.

Yeah, that's Ted and his "awful truth."

I applaud that as there are those who are cool, organic and nonchalant and then those who are products - like shrink wrapped slices of Velveeta cheese - so let's be honest about it instead of trying to duke middle America like they are duked into voting for "good values" when actually for their socio-economic situation that vote works against them.

Greg has had some stellar word plays / introductions = For example, "Judge Napolitano...If judicial expertise was an air horn, I'd blow him at a football game."

... and, "Judge Napolitano ... If intelligence were ornamental glass, he'd be hand blown --- ---That's how you make ornamental glass, people!"

...and, "Remi Spencer ... She's so smoking that she sets my alarms off and gets me wet --- ---Its a Safety precaution people."

... and, of course, ... "Dr. Marc Lamont Hill ... If intelligence were stomach-staples he'd be inside STar Jones right now!" ... and the second introduction for Dr. Marc Lamont Hill ... "If intelligence was a dug-out, he'd have many men inside of him." ...

...and, can't forget, "Michelle Collins ... If hilarity were a vacuum cleaner, she'd suck." ...

...and, oh yeah,... "Anna Gilligan ... If cuteness were a trampoline, I'd jump on her everyday." ...

Andy Levy busted this one out to Will & Grace's Leslie Jordan about Bill Schulz stating that he'd attend Leslie's 35 year high school class reunion w/ him, "yeah, Leslie, Bill want come with you ... he'll come before you! ... sad, I know from experience."

Speaking of TV's Andy Levy, Greg has been educating all of us on a couple fun facts about Andy that I surely was unaware of --- such as, "Andy shares a tree-house w/ a family of squirrels in Central Park" ... and that "Next month TV's Andy Levy is hosting the trials for the 2008 Feline Olympics to be held at Yarnball Field. With events such as the 100m dash, Mouse Put, and competitive tree climbing, the best cats from all over the world will be competing to show off their skills at the main event later this year."

BTW, Greg, Andy & Bill have some moments on video from the past few shows on and also The Activity Pit site --- such as, the "Greg-alogues," and pieces of Writer-director Uwe Boll's latest movie which involves a crazy uncle, an amusement park and the Taliban --- and also FNC's correspondent James Rosen's new book which studies John Mitchell's Watergate role.

In any event, "if you don't tune-in for Red Eye, you probably took your mom to the prom."

John French <> wrote:

Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 05:49:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: John French <>
Subject: "screaming amphibians"

"screaming amphibians" === whoever came up w/ that for the show === genius

what a kick-ass name for a band or album or book of poems

when i post my notes on the past few Red Eye shows that's the title...

Best of Organic Roses,
Giovanni French

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