Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Colorado +21 #potheads how's it feel not to be labeled a criminal?

Legal View on CNN reporting live from Colorado New Year's Day 2014 the 1st day of January:

@NewEdayMedia: @CNNAshleigh Hey Denver Colorado over +21 #potheads, how's it feel not to be unjustly & unfairly labeled a criminal for buying & smoking?
For more than 70 years, the sale of marijuana for recreational use has been criminally prohibited in the United States. But that ban, as it has existed for decad...
Hey Colorado, are you feeling all right?! For you #potheads how's it feel to buy & smoke #weed with out your individual & minority rights, civil & human rights violated by unjustly & unfairly being made into a criminal?! #passion #compassion #empathy #elevation
It has no lethal dose unless you can smoke 500lb in a half hour, is non addictive, natural and if you’re of a religious persuasion God given to use for its purpose.

The war was started by Mr. corrupt himself Nixon as a foil against the equal rights act as it was perceive that minorities were the common users and heaven forbid that those jazz addled, stoners affect America with their cool jibe and rhythms, they might just not bother turning up for America’s lovely Vietnam war.

Nixon feared the young and minorities more than anything.

It was clear that revolution was brewing from the smoke filled mouths of those radical young poets authors and musicians and there was no way that he wasn’t going to nip it in the metaphorical bud, as they seemed to be starting to think for themselves and freedom of thought and action should not be tolerated in a (cough) free society (waves flag and says America).
Of course the gate way theory about weed evolved and was promoted around the same time and they had a point but not the one they expected.

By declaring war on it, it became the business opportunity of some very unsavory operatives who formed cartels and the cartels supplied dealers, who sold all forms of drugs so kids came into contact with them and they knew the government was lying about drugs, like just about everything else so if they said, weed is bad, then weed was good, if they said all other forms of drugs are bad then the natural assumption was they’re lying again.

Now that a plurality of the public wants weed legalized, the powers that be, big corporations behind the fa├žade of government are heavily vested in the prison industrial complex, big pharma so in spite of the free will of the people allegedly being a right, the free will to capitalize on people by locking them up and filling them full of chemicals is the accepted reality of both parties.

When weed becomes an inside joke among people in power, it’s time to legalize weed and the hypocrisy is overwhelming as they light up in the halls of power and police stations nationally.

Give me liberty and past the joint!
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