Monday, July 1, 2013

Why Shut Down Your FaceBook to the Public = Because of Creepy People like This? ..

Hitherto (a fancy word for until now I like to use to eliminate having to type until now when I can just say hitherto) .. I had everything on facebook as a public profile in an effort to promote #neweverydaymedia projects via social media channels
while I continue creating them for my website & my blog

However, it is really creepy when more than one person mentions they have friended me and I won't confirm them but, hey, they don't really care because my profile is open and they can view whatever I post anyway. ... (ha, & they sure do = creepy). And, when people you don't really know all that well or at all and, are not friends with on facebook, mention things you've posted, it's kinda weird. I know many people are just figuring all this "social media" #neweverydaymedia all out and it's hard because it changes so quickly and it's all pretty new. ..

... I'm confident with the penetration within social media I've done and have shutdown my facebook profile to the public.

So here's to you my friends. ..Moving forward I will only be sharing facebook posts with you!

Best of the Roses (but not rose colored glasses), your friend, John #BIGnewEdayMedia comingsoon

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