Sunday, March 6, 2011

"We report, you email us" ...

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Alisyn, this statement you just made on air to viewers all over the world this Sunday ... "we report, you email us" ... is just one example of why I refer to you as a breath-of-fresh-air and find lots of elements of Fox & Friends and other shows on FNC such as Red Eye totally refreshing and although I do not always agree on what's being propagated I enjoy watching you and Gutfeld.

"We report, you email us" ... that's part of the beauty of New EveryDay Media ... and like YOU do get-it and use this to your advantage to attract more eye-balls to your show Fox & Friends and to your website, blog, twitter, etc.

As I've been vocal in being thankful for the support of your colleague, Brian Kilmeade, it's so cool how adaptable and open to New EveryDay Media Fox & Friends and others at FNC are and I believe it shows not only in your ratings but also in brand loyalty from those viewers you engage everyday ... That's why in the Top Hottest listings in the "new everyday media" oriented e-books on I describe you and other engaging media figures like you, Juliet Huddy, Kiran Chetry, Robin Roberts as smart and savvy (translation) = so smokin' RED HOT.

Yeah, wow, years back now, while you and others are embracing "we report, you email us" ... and were engaging people who wanted to be engaged and wanted to engage you as well there was one local station and manager there in particular who just didn't get it and henceforth is why we call those people and those kind of stations and the product "dinosaurs" (i know a lot of people got a chuckle over that - Chris Wallace, who didn't want to be a dinosaur and now regularly reads emails from his viewers on Fox News Sunday). Well, if it quacks, it's a duck. isn't it? (Good thing my father is a brilliant attorney and I know my rights otherwise i may have been easily intimidated by unwarranted threats --- back in those earlier days where we were all just trying to figure it out and use things now available for elevation of how some everyday things are done and could be done). ... "There's no roadmap for this, you know?! = WINNER".

Best of the Roses but not rose colored glasses, john

New Media Madness: an everyday art

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Dave, I agree w/ PETA . And if it's a tradition to jump off a bridge are you gonna follow? Does that make it right? If there's a tradition to drink 4 Martini's in one hour @ lunch and drive does that make it OK. Those animals aren't having fun.

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