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Still Smokin' in Hollywood = Smoking RED HOT Paris Hilton and Tori Spelling Still Front & Center in the Media = A ++++++++++++

Paris Hilton takes on John McCain
Paris Hilton is seen when she visited the Tivoli amusement park in Copenhagen, Denmark.Photo: AP

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Maggie looks totally smokin' RED HOT this Early Morn = A++++ ++++(+)

If totally smokin' RED HOT were cereal, I'd spoon her everyday ....

P.S. great "tease" w/ Paris Hilton

P.S.S. beyond be-ing HOT I actually like her = too bad I didn't see her in L.A.

Best of August Roses, John French

On FNC's Fox & Friends this a.m. Brian Kilmeade stated, "we're getting allot of emails in asking why we're endorsing Paris Hilton!"
Clayton (filling in for Steve Doocy) remarked, "we're endorsing HOTness."
Gretchen Carlson (looking smoking red hot herself rockin' out some "black & gold") retorted, "Of course I don't endorse her lifestyle however her delivery was really good. I endorse her delivery."

Paris Hilton has thrown her hat into the US presidential race, declaring her desire to campaign against "that wrinkly white-haired guy" and threatening to paint the White House pink if elected.
The blond socialite responded to Republican candidate John McCain's controversial use of her image in a campaign television spot last week with a satirical ad of her own posted on the website on Tuesday
In the ad, the 27-year-old appears reclining on a sun lounger beside a swimming pool, dressed only in a smoking RED HOT leopard-print bathing costume.
"Hey America, I'm Paris Hilton and I'm a celebrity too," Hilton declares breezily.
"Only I'm not from the olden days and I'm not promising change like that other guy. I'm just hot.
"But then that wrinkly white-haired guy used me in his campaign ad, which I guess means I'm running for president. So thanks for the endorsement white-haired dude, and I want America to know I'm, like, totally ready to lead."
Hilton then offers an alternative US energy strategy, suggesting that she plans to combine elements from McCain and Democratic rival Barack Obama.
"We can do limited offshore drilling with strict environmental oversight while creating tax incentives to get Detroit making hybrid and electric cars. ... Energy crisis solved, I'll see you at the debates, bitches!"
Hilton then signs off by declaring that she is now mulling her choices for vice-president. "I'm thinking Rihanna," she said, referring to the singer-songwriter.
"I'll see you at the White House," Hilton adds. "Oh, and I might paint it pink. Bye!"

Tori Spelling: "I Thrive In Chaos"
Former "90210" Actress Juggles Reality TV Show, Babies, New Book And Jewelry Line

Much Love Animal Rescue Presents the Second Annual Bow Wow WOW!Playboy Mansion7/19/2008Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos

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Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2008, 8:56 AM lap top was turned-off and I was just chillin' w/ Parker Bean, however, after hearing Dean say that he wakes-up more in love w/ Tori everyday = I had to add = ... yeah, all-the-way around she seems so much more awesome than ever before = A++++++++++++

I actually became a fan after seeing her in the "House of Yes"!!! ....what I thought really was a stretch for her 90210 persona.

Yeah, Tori Spelling is so cute & adorable and more kindly awesome than ever before, she makes Cabbage Patch Kid dolls slit their wrists.

(I may blog this w/ some pics but I have a day planned for just kickin' it in the city)

Best of August Roses, John French

(CBS) Actress Tori Spelling has come a long way from her "Beverley Hills 90210" Donna Martin days. With a hit reality TV show, "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" on the Oxygen network (with her husband Dean McDermott), a seven-week old daughter (Stella) and a 17-month old son (Liam), a new book and a jewelry line, Spelling has been one busy mommy. Spelling and McDermott sat down with Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez to discuss their busy lifestyle. "She's (Stella) amazing. She's growing like a weed," McDermott gushed. "They grow so fast, then you blink and they change," Spelling said. Spelling is a fan of change however. "Things are good. I thrive in chaos - good chaos. I love to have a million balls juggling in the air at once. I get bored if I have nothing going on," she said. This is the second time that Spelling and McDermott have decided to have Oxygen follow them around again for their reality TV show since their attempt at running a bed & breakfast. "We were out there in the press, in the media. This is a way to show who Tori and Dean are, our way, not the preconceived notions everybody has," McDermott said. "This season we have gone from a half-hour format, lost the bed & breakfast and gone to an hour format where you get deeper in our relationship, our family and our lives. You get an in-depth look of who we really are." "We proved them all wrong, right?" Spelling proudly said. Amidst the chaos, the two lovebirds make their relationship work and keep the fire alive. "It doesn't seem like work," Spelling said. "We're just madly in love with each other," McDermott said. "And I wake up more in love with her every day." Spelling and McDermott thrive when they are with each other. "What works for some people doesn't work for other people," Spelling said. "What works for us is being together all the time. We do everything together. It just makes sense to work together and do a reality show together." The happy couple expects to have more children in the future. "We can make that happen, too," Spelling said. "We would like a bigger family." McDermott has to often pinch himself because he can't believe that he actually married Donna Martin. "I had a huge crush on her," he said. Spelling anticipates that Donna Martin will be brought back to the CW's new "Beverley Hills 90210" sometime in the near future. "I was supposed to film the pilot and timing didn't work out; I gave birth," Spelling said. "They were filming the pilot. We'll see what happens later in the season." Her Donna Martin days may not be over just yet, but her past is something that she has put behind her and come to terms with. Spelling's book "sTori Telling" tells about her life in the spotlight and the scrutiny of the tabloids. She was thought of only as the spoiled rich girl and the daughter of Aaron Spelling. Her relationships and life have been talked about so much that this time she wanted to set the record straight. "It's been so many years waiting for someone to make it happen for me and people kind of just pushing me down. I thought I would create one myself. So, now I can't stop. I have to keep going," Spelling said.

Best of August Roses, John French

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