Monday, August 4, 2008

In Bed at Chateau Marmont

In the middle of the bed on a
Good morning in L.A. with the
Grateful Dead playing in the player -
I was fixated on "Playing in the Band,"
"Brown Eyed Women" & "Ramble on Rose."

After repeatedly (really) listening to the whole
CD over & over & over again -and, then those songs,
In the middle of the bed in peaceful restoration
Following several nights of late and sunny days ---

In and out of sleep = Conscious now of every single second
With the brilliant Hollywood sunny morning inviting me I
Was still so intent on listening to "Brown Eyed Women" and
"Ramble on Rose" just a few more times before getting-up

And that's when it happened. That is when it happened.

In the middle of the bed at Chateau Marmont listening to
These three songs of the Grateful Dead I could have sworn
That I was in an extraordinarily lush and dense forest with
Radiant and penetrating sun light shinning down on me
From above with a serene & surreal peaceful, joyful feeling
Surrounding me and exuding from every fiber of existence

And then
John Belushi (another guest of Chateau Marmont)
Was clearly held in my mind's eye in a blissful vision.... .... ....
He made me smile both inside and out and laugh out loud ---
Loudly, as he famously raised one of his eye brows in an arch
Profoundly speaking to me while slapping me upside the head

... ... ... ...

We all know why we're here ... Well, at least, I know why I'm here

John Belushi

written July 12 - 16 2008 in the middle of the bed at Chateau Marmont

Best of West Hollywood Roses, John French

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