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Hi Gretchen,, Stephanie, the "good producer," ....the one helping you w/ this engagingly savvy Face Book strategy  ... is she hot too?
i'd like to see a little more into that control room.
"control room."
gee, i wonder the things that are said into Brian Kilmead's ear from there.
one Saturday while a guest/fill-in co-host on F&F Weekend Greg Gutfeld just took his piece out (ear piece that is) and like Clayton or Dave had to tell him that he needed to put it back in so he could hear what was going on from the "control room."
Please note though, out of all the shows I watch, most of the time, I feel F&F is one of the most liberated and that it definitely does know what the hell it's doing and what some fat & bald loser like me wants to see on TV.
I do get frustrated though w/ the limits, the parameters, the old rules, standard rules - what "they" think is gonna be great, worth while, "NEWS worthy," good for America, society, hummanity, civilization.
"Whoever controls the media controls the mind" ... James Douglas Morrison _ (Jeem)
I know I'd be doing some "ground breaking" moves = "throwing 7 kinds of smoke" ... and winning Emmy's for it _ eventually _ after the smoke settles and no one could deny what it is I have really done.
Best of August Roses, John French $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$

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