Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Suits Are Picking up The Bill" --- Is There a Valid Theme Here???

Promo video for the song "Suits Are Picking Up The Bill "

While watching the DNC coverage at a V.P.'s home of a publicly traded company - after everyone else had left and we were just chilling out and catching-up a bit - this song kept going through my head and did so the whole way home - And, then, still the same while I continued to watch more of the DNC coverage from my own home.

I think there's a theme here - all the way around for tonight - when I think of tonight- it's theme is: "the suits are picking up the bill"

...Really, think about it!

...all the CNN coverage, the FNC coverage, the CBS, NBC, CNBC, BBC = who's picking-up the bill? The suits - that's who.

And in hotels, bars and restaurants and strip clubs across Denver - who's picking-up the bill? The suits that's who!

And all across the country who's picking-up the bill and will continue to do so???

... Democrat or Republican - either way, "the suits are picking-up the bill."

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