Sunday, June 22, 2008

Class Act Response = Subject: RE: Release of Jakob Dylan Solo Work ...

Jakob Dylan

Date Sent: 6/20/2008 9:45:00 PM
Subject: RE: Release of Jakob Dylan Solo Work ...
Hi John,
Thanks for the note and your thoughtful feedback about _Seeing Things_.
We really appreciate the comments and observations you made.
Thanks so much for your support.
"The Jakob Dylan MySpace Team"

This is really nice. Really. It's not everyday that you get a response or acknowledgement from other people. It's classy to acknowledge and respond to someone who has taken the time to share their thoughts and, in this case, positive feedback.

If you think about it, how many times do people purposely not respond or acknowledge those other human be-ings who do take the time for a good natured, "hello" or "good day" or "good morning" or "good evening" ???!!! And why? Well, probably because they're brain dead, snobby, or just down right mean or down right pieces of trash.

Almost every day I say , "hello" or "good day" or "good morning" or "good evening" and these assholes look at me like I'm fucking crazy, a vagrant and totally out of line. LOL! ...assholes!!

Well, okay, I'm gonna get off my soap box now - But, class should never be dismissed.

Best of the Roses, John French

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Unknown said...

Hey John,

I totally agree with you on the kindness (basic decency?) of acknowledgment! I even get funny looks when I saw to folks exactly what you just said. weird. And, yes, the Dylan cd is pretty sweet. Thanks for being a bright spot in our day at your local Starbucks!
Your friendly barista,