Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Brian Kilmeade!!! !!! !!! !!!

A Young Studly Greg Gutfeld:
"Brian, these muscles may be covered-up by the results of too many pork scratchings
but I can still fill-out that tee-shirt and you should see me in a shorty robe --- Email me and let me know which one you want me to be wearing while I'm waiting for you after work at the Chambers Hotel on the Upper East Side to give you your birthday present."

Greg Kelly: "Happy Birthday, Old Sport!"

Courtney Friel: "Hey, Brian, you know what would make the Kentucky Derby more fun = YOU!"

Julia Boorstin: "Brian, I heard that YOU are the hottest of all guys in the world of the new everyday media?!"

Liz Claman: "After work let's go have some drinks, baby!"

Maria Bartiromo: "Brian, I already have a pearl necklace but for your birthday you can give me a ride to Miami in a private jet..."

Molly Henneberg: "Hey, Brian, the NY Giants may have won in 2008 but 2009 is for the Washington Redskins, bud! ...

Happy birthday!"

Megyn Kelly: "So, I'm the hottest woman of the new everyday media and you're the hottest guy of the new everyday media?! I guess, we're okay w/ each other then, Kilmeade ---
But John French never sent you a dozen white roses!!!...
so who's really hotter?!
= I think = It's ME!!! Ha!"

Suzanne Malveaux: "Brian, you know I cover D.C. NEWS and you, my friend, are a legend down here for calling The First Lady by her first name, Laura, when you were at the White House! Have you ever been invited back?! Let me know, I can get you in for your birthday!!"

Rebecca Jarvis: "Brian Kilemade is so HOT & hilarious! If hilarity were a pogo stick I'd bounce up and down on him all day."

Tracy Brynes: "Brian, you look great for you age! Really!!"

Veronica De La Cruz: "Yeah, Brian Kilmeade is really funny & cute! If funny were Cheerios I'd eat him for breakfast every morning probably with sliced bananas and lots of milk dribbling down my delightful chin."

Robin Meade: "OMG!!! I really gotta pee while they do sports but first I'll do a little dance here for Brian Kilmeade on his birthday"...

Jamie Colby: "Happy birthday, Brian, you're genius & gorgeous, kid!"

Ainsley Earhardt: "Jamie, you're so right!!! Brian is not only hot & hilarious = He is genius too!!!In fact, if intelligence were biscuits and gravy I'd go down South just to eat him."

Betty Nguyen: "That Kilmeade!!! ...if talent were the moon, astronauts would travel hundreds of thousands of miles just to probe him."

Domenica Davis: "Brian, wow, oaky, it seems everyone agrees you're hotter than a pair of balls at a baseball game in Houston (in old school uniform wool pants)."

Christi Paul: " I don't Brian?! I just don't know?! I waited for you! I was waiting for you! And you never showed! You never showed! I don't know if I can ever forgive you for that, Mister!"

Erin Burnett: "Who doesn't love Brian Kilmeade?! If hot & dynamic guys of everyday media were oil fields, I'd work him until he gushed all over the place and then cap-it and sell-it for big money!"

Caroline Shively: "Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! You smell like a monkey and live in a zoo!"

"...and look like one too!"


"Happy Birthday, Dear Brian!!! ...from your foxxy friends!!!"

Gretchen Carlson: "Ewh-la-la... You're okay w/ me, Brian

= Happy Birthday!!!"

Best of Birthday Roses, Gianni French

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