Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Red Eye w/ PAB & Larysa Poznyak = A+++ (+++) = HOT

Just when I think Red Eye cannot get any better, Greg Gutfeld, Bill Schulz & Andy Levy pleasantly give me a lovely surprise and take things to the next level. Of course, along with the hilariously talented Michelle Collins, guests included the great gay-guy on Entourage, FNC's Patti Ann Browne and Larysa Poznyak

Not just visually stimulating like some Rag-Mag-Mag or Rag-Mag-TV "talk show," Red Eye blazed through the 60 minutes with rich organic content like experienced Jack London type pioneers in the Yukon leaving all those frivolous, superficial "gold diggers" to die in the frozen tundra (BTW, even w/ the advancements of technology, same rules apply in the Yukon = if you are a clueless superficial, nimrod, money grubbing, sou less asshole w/ no appreciation for nature and the organic = you will perish = This territory is largely outside of cellular telephone range.) ...

Some of the clever topics included: Boredom & Imagination Vs. Busy-body Technology; Good Looking Men Vs. Not So Good Looking Men; Big Fake Boobs Vs. Normal Nice Boobs; Overcrowded-ness of Our Human Race Vs. Cannibalism; Famous (Attention Seeking) People Who Are Pseudo Suicidal Vs. Truly Depressed Artist Genius...

Before I address some of these meaty topics, I do have to state that Patti Ann Browne and Larysa Poznyak looked smoking HOT and genuinely came across as "real" women of the new everyday media with healthily focused goals, practices and humility and compassion for others. It's amazing to realize that there really are women out there in the world of everyday media with no-hidden-agenda and that are truly, real, talented, intelligent, modest, humble, centered and focused.

Moreover, did I mention, Patti Ann Browne and Larysa Poznyak were smoking HOT = A+++ (+++)
Boredom & Imagination Vs. Busy-body Technology
Technology does not alleviate my boredom. Technology makes it easier for me to do certain things but that's about it. As far as a rich, meaningful life = technology is like always having sex w/ 6 rubbers-on.
Everyone (people to profit) and their mothers are acting like technology is providing some super social structure that is the secret of the web-of-life. When all it really is is a false sense of confidence and reality like that of being on cocaine.
It's not like it's a real "bar" or some other cool meeting place for women like in a Catholic church that leads to the natural cravings, desires and needs that we all have as human be-ings. It is what it is = a virtual reality and therefore it is robotic in nature = it is programmed by humans who think like robotic machines in a tedious boring form of a logic language that can only make the inanimate appear to be "alive" and real company - however, it's just a synthetic form of needed interaction.
Socially speaking, technology can, again -make life easier, by allowing people to communicate and share information in timely, organized ways (that turn-on machines and robots), nevertheless, it's not a replacement or even replica of human touch (or even touch w/ an animal -if that's your thing and you have trouble w/ people).
Nothing replaces the importance, rich meaning and plain-out human need of human touch - a first kiss, holding hands, petting, suckling, Frenching, wrestling === copulation.
Online social activity is the same as "intellectual masturbation" === and where most complacent ivory tower academics would spout out work that is basically useless for any groundbreaking to provide any kind of insight into "why we are here" and "the secret of life" --- once rogue computer programmers and engine rs are now just part of the technological herd and masses,suffering from severe hieracrhical snobbery. They think they are God-like.
Yet let me remind you = They are not creating anything real, organic or natural = They are only creating synthetic machinery = robots = It's all about logic = predictable logic = predictable logic to make predictable actions.
When I communicate online like on MySpace --- I can do things there in which I can predict how people are going to re-act. Because the application was set-up by robotic thinkers who wanted to create a virtual meeting space (that would mimic a cool university dorm or something) for people who want to hide behind a monitor and do not actually want to be face-to-face w/ other people or have difficulty doing so.
Again, for someone like me who actually enjoys being at a venue the other night and having my crotch grabbed by some flirtatious woman who obviously enjoyed talking w/ me while I was drinking and doing my thing --- MySpace offers a place for me to be able to communicate and share information in an organized manner w/ thousands of people in a timely manner, I realize that it's only gonna take me so far. It's not real interaction. It's only virtual. It's only information sharing. It's like a cool PowerPoint presentation about me that I can share w/ thousands of MySpace users.
Which, finally, brings me to my point about Boredom & Imagination Vs. Busy-body Technology --- my boredom is not alleviated by surfing on-line or participating in some online community or dealing w/ some cool-App, in fact, I more than ever want to shoot heroin in-between my toes, and smoke stinky sticky kind-bud (and lots of it) and drink mushroom tea or just eat mushrooms raw and eat blotter acid w/ blue unicorns and Bart Simpson on the sheets and trip my fucking balls while experiencing life and dealth and life again and being happy, thankful and grateful for be-ing alive as a human --- a human be-ing --- as real as the organic shit that comes out of my organic ass.
Good Looking Men Vs. Not So Good Looking Men: Women are okay w/ men that are less good looking and not so good looking. Well, OK, I first figured this out when I was a teen-age boy spending my summers and spring holidays on Hilton Head Island, S.C.

In addition, it's the same reason why I man may not want to marry a beauty queen = You have to worry all the time.

I guess I'm fucked I'm = I'm ugly (fat & bald w/ bad teeth, breath), broke and not interesting, fun or intelligent - Oh, and have a small penis and tongue!!!

Big Fake Boobs Vs. Normal Nice Boobs: Uhmn., I am totally turned-on by "real boobs." Whatever the size = as long as they are real = I'm turned on.

Really, I was w/ this really hot stripper the other day and she had a smoking rock solid body and that as she graciously offered her bosom for my weary, saddened head = I thought of that old adage, "more than a mouthful is a waste."

I mean, I was totally happy w/ my mouth full and needed no more.

Overcrowded-ness of Our Human Race Vs. Cannibalism: Greg, this is just so inappropriate! ..(Actually only so because most people prove to be nothing but "shitcunts").

Famous (Attention Seeking) People Who Are Pseudo Suicidal Vs. Truly Depressed Artist Genius: This is a beautiful example of how poor boys and girls who think that all the money, fame, power, influence, snobbery and "everything you want = you get fabulous" is actually not all that it's cracked-up to be. That there's something to be said for a humble, modest, meaningful life of everyday people who are centered, focused, non materialistic, non greedy, spiritual === and grateful & thankful for each and everyday. People who day dream, pray and work for a better world, place, human race and everyday...

The author of Harry Potter and the lead singer of Fall-Out-Boy are perfect examples of people who have driven themselves and everybody around them to chase the dangling golden carrot and only to find themselves empty, broken and bankrupt staring into the "Hollow Idol's Eyes."

These two "stuck-their-heads into an oven" because they wanted more attention so more people could patt their bottoms for them as they realize they are spiritually bankrupt and still unhappy, still unhappy, still unhappy.

Plus, they are unhappy that they know their art is of no monumental importance for the advancement and enlightenment of civilization = It just made them and their managers and corporate-backs rich.

Now Sylvia Plath that's a real depressed artist who took it all the way in the name of art, confusion, frustration, liberation and the celebration of life and death.

Best of Organic Roses,
Giovanni French

P.S. Dear Valleywag, I know there are typos here (misspelling and incorrect grammar) but I'll edit later = "content over bandwidth" ...

P.S.S. Thanks FNC's Red Eye ...

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