Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What's the fake media story? 1 out of 5 current newsworthy reports posted is a fake! Which one is it? ... #winners #losers #character #newmedia #excercise

What's the fake story?

Many parents have been asking “what to do with the kids now that’s school out that’s productive & fun?” …

Here is an informative and fun exercise that will have your little ones learning about current events and utilizing crucial research skills to fact check a media stories to determine what’s the false report.

What resources will this require? A connected computer device with a search engine to search internet’s new media sources.

One of these five stories is an exaggerated speculation and not verified as a true story. 

Which one is it?

(Losers must refrain from spreading false & exaggerated information about, for example, neighbors and slandering a neighbor’s reputation and character before they desperately try and pass it off as true and pull people into the gossip – Thus learning a great life lesson and gaining self respect and know-how to respect others, for example, neighbors).


1. Right wing uber conservative Ann Coulter is a Grateful Dead head and says she's been to apprx 67 shows

2. NBA king Lebron James flashed his junk on live TV and it's totally cool and proving once again hippies are a targeted minority group as Jim Morrison of the world famous Doors was busted for allegedly showing his junk in concert in Miami, Fl.

3. MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry (#BIGnewEdayMedia list) interviewed a woman MHP is calling "transracial" as she is a white woman who identifies herself as a black woman

4. The US Olympian from the 70's cereal boxes who ended up on the kardashian show was a man who now identifies as a woman named Caitlyn

5. Pop-blues musician John Mayer and the iconic Grateful Dead will be going on tour with John Mayer replacing Jerry Garcia summer/fall 2015

 extra credit reading

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