Sunday, June 14, 2015

NewPoem Today: "Not Alone for Tomorrow"

Not Alone for Tomorrow

A shoe box filled of photos reminding you-you were never really alone
I won't becoming home again, no more. I know I'm not alone though in a place I got on my own
I heard there's a reunion show
& I'm gonna go - yet not for yesterday but for faith in today, yay!
We can still have a revolution
Yeah, no time to hate until no time to waste waiting for them to legislate,
Ah, we all want a change, to change.
To change the upside down into a tip top shape - like a perfect sphere - even though it could be really queer
It's ok
It's ok
It's ok
Living today for today and tomorrow for tomorrow while remembering yesterday,
It's ok
It's ok
It's ok

Written by ---(((me)))--- today Sunday June 14,2015
Good Wishes,
John Alan Conte Jr.

Good wishes,

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