Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Great College Experience: Top Memories @ Uni to Last Forever (That 1st Time Blown Away)

"I'll be loving you everynight & everyday, baby, everyday, everyday, #everyday" ... Tonya & Queen Bee and the Blue Hornet Band

 In the fall of 1992 I transferred into Penn State Uni #HappyValley State College, PA from Marquette Uni in Milwaukee, WI where... I used to comb the city in search of live blues & jazz (occasionally finding a band bold enough to let me sing roadhouse blues impromptu "out-of-blue" w/ them) but, yeah, the first fall I heard Queen Bee & The Blue Hornet Band @PSU I was blown away & felt it.

Hanging out with Tonya on the orange couch (the Bermuda Triangle) at our 712 C West Beaver townhome when she'd come visit was definitely in the top memories of the great college experience ("a feast of friends"). ..

 Queen Bee & The Blue Hornet Band - 2 of 3 - First Annual Billtown

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