Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What does a deal with Rosetta Stone®, the world's best language-learning software, mean for Google Glass sales?

Watching Diana Falzone’s BreakTime! Is Google Glass half empty? We examine the pros and cons of this gizmo” and reading an article this weekend called "Beliefs about Language Learning: Current Knowledge, Pedagogical Implications and New Research Directions" got my wheels spinning like the parade of vehicles that was the Grateful Dead from Pittsburgh, PA “trucking up to Buffalo.”
                                               Diana Falzone rocking Google Glass in studio

According to Business Insider (about 1 hour ago)
Most People Think Google Glass Is Going To Flop

Tech pundits are still weighing in on Google's computerized glasses, Google Glass.

But getting a free version of a new gadget, or being rich enough that you can plunk down $1,500 for one, is very different from actually choosing to buy one as a normal person.

And that, for any new gadget, is where the rubber meets the road.

However, I say, look at iphone. It has revolutionized everyday communications in a way I’m sure big old Ma Bell was to weighed down to foresee let alone dream to release and manage.

Where does a savvy director of business development and poet dream about crossroads that will further revolutionize not only business but education too?!

One must not try to argue an upfront valuable point in Beliefs about Language Learning: Current Knowledge, Pedagogical Implications and New Research Directions. Yes. Sometimes the truth stings but almost always the first steps of change are quite painful and met with overwhelming resistance --- Just in the first paragraph alone it states that the current methods of learning have become stagnant.


Now listen to Perillo Tours family member and CEO

Welcome to Perillo's Italy
I'll never forget my first impressions of Italy as an 11 year old boy. Majestic cathedrals. Buzzing motorbikes. I've gone back a hundred times, sometimes for work, sometimes for play, but always for what really makes Italy travel great - the reawakening of your senses.Thank you for your interest in our legendary tours and I look forward to seeing you in Italy!
                                                   Milan, Italy

OK, now imagine this 11 year old boy with Google Glass.

The learning capabilities at that age matched with gripping engaging, dynamic technology inside an everyday device such as Goggle Glass and paired up with Rosetta Stone® would occur so seamlessly that this 11 year old boy wouldn’t even realize he’s learning stuff!

In fact, in this scenario I’m painting for you I would go so far as to predict this little 11 year old going back to his dreamy dreadful suburban school district from his Perillo tour of Italy with Rosetta Stone® integrated into Google Glass his director of business development father and CPA mother bought him and he being so far advanced compared to his peers that a scandal erupts about the boy cheating in his Italian and social studies classes because of his effortless good grades.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
And, moreover, to further that, if Diana Falzone is programmed into the Google Glass featuring Rosetta Stone® "real" real-time online learning as my emissary = well, I'll pay $2, 500.00. No big deal. ..

Cheers! (with a glass half full).
Best of the Roses,
john alan conte jr.
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