Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tune-in for a life altering transformation @ the best of new Uni city radio 88.3 & the sad FM

these kids are weird. better not listen! it may spell trouble. i don't even have any ink on my body however yesterday while making my way in my vehicle thru curves of fog hovering over bare skin trees and leftover snow & saturated leaves hitting moments w/ vistas over the river reflecting billows of smoke from Shenango coke ovens w/ thousands of blinking yellow & white lights shimmering in the mud based waters of the Ohio and driving onto Island Avenue of McKees Rocks =sitting @ red light and listening to the strange retro reminisce of instruments penetrating now over the airwaves & while I was staring at graffiti on red bricks of a tired bldg cased in rot iron and wet w/ rain, heavy fog & breaks of sunlight --- I felt transformed as if on Halloween (or in the Lava Lounge for a late nite) like my $115.00 Swiss cap I purchased @ a downtown store in Oxford Center was more like the cap of that chap sitting on a thin beam of steel eating his lunch out of a pale that sat next to him w/ a thermos high above the city streets of NYC during construction of one of the dynamite skyscrapers in a picture that used to hang in the men’s room of the Sewickley Hotel and I also felt those overhauls of his I was now wearing w/ that cap and they were now hipster-overhauls unlike the engineer locomotive ones Mr. MoJo Risin (anagram for Jim Morrison) wore in bohemian mayhem of the early 70’s when I was born. ..I felt as if I were a hipster and living in the “new” Millvale of Pennsylvania (across the bridge of its better looking lost sister “ville” @Lawrenceville). ..
Best of the Roses (but not rose colored glasses),
Giovanni Conte`
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