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Actress Ashley Judd for U.S. Senate 2014? (D-KY)

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Ashley Judd Runs 4 Points Behind Mitch McConnell In Kentucky Senate Poll
Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) didn’t seem too worried this Sunday morning about rumors that actress Ashley Judd might run against him in his upcoming Senate race.
The Senate Minority Leader told Meet the Presshost David Gregory that the 2014 general election was still a long way off. “In the meantime, I’ve got my hands full trying to deal with all the issues that we’ve been discussing here this morning,” McConnell said. “We’ll worry about the election in 2014.”
Sen. Mitch McConnell's unpopularity in his home state might leave him susceptible to a 2014 challenge, including a potential Senate bid by actress Ashley Judd, according to a poll released Tuesday by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling.
With Irene, one of the world's many unsung heroesAlthough Kentucky remains deeply Republican, McConnell's low approval ratings -- the worst of any senator nationally, according to PPP -- could make him vulnerable. Just 37 percent of Kentucky voters approve of his performance, while 55 percent disapprove.
Judd would be the top choice of Democratic primary voters, and would trail McConnell by just four points in a hypothetical matchup, 43 percent to his 47 percent.
And where the decorum of the Senate is more of that of a seedy Bombay opium den which produces scorpion stings for all those who dwell there rather than a stately place of appointment where austere mannered arguments transpire for the good of humanity Ms. Judd will be as refreshing in the U.S. Senate as the red of early spring tulip against the coarse icy white of snow.
Judd first indicated that she was interested in running for Congress at an event a Democratic National Convention event in September. Judd was at the convention as a delegate – but not to Kentucky. Rather, the A Time to Kill and Double Jeopardy star was serving as a delegate to her home state of Tennessee. Given her ties to Tennessee, it was assumed that she was considering a run in the Volunteer state. Since then, rumors have spread that she intends to run in Tennesee’s neighboring state of Kentucky instead. Sources familiar with the discussions have reportedly said Judd is considering McConnell in 2014 or Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul in 2016.
McConnell seemed genuinely unconcerned with a challenge from inside or outside of his party Sunday, however. Responding to a request from Gregory for his “reaction to some of the criticism from the right to this fiscal cliff deal,” McConnell reminded the NBC host of what ought to be the focus on Republicans serving in Congress over the next two years: the country’s unrestrained spending problem.
“Well, the election will take care of itself in 2014. The question is, what are we gonna do now?” the GOP leader said.
In my view, someone such as Ashley Judd who visits and blogs about her dealings and understandings of a Bonobo sanctuary and is a strong advocate of women’s & children’s rights blogging about the blatantly open oppressive culture’s of the Middle East and Africa would be great at both domestic and world affairs.
It’s not easy to set-about change in Middle East and Africa – travelling around, learning and trying to teach and edify those who’ve been enculturated by an often unjust and corrupt set of principles of government that oversees and directly affects everything down to daily family life and worship. It’s not easy to overcome those barriers of brutality, greed & hunger. But Judd is determined and often successful a breaking through to those closed minds and systems.
If Judd can navigate herself and her philanthropic causes and endeavors through the Middle East and Africa and deal with the corrupt “official” politicians and then the “unofficial” tribes-men/religious fanatics (who oft are more powerful and dangerous), then I confident she can handle herself in the U.S. Senate and should be taken seriously.
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