Saturday, July 9, 2011

a True Story (This One)

me in Los Angeles, California shortly after what I'm talkin about

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I had arranged for a golf foursome at Chartiers Country Club one summer's day.

This golf foursome consisted of the president of Bayer Corporation (the German, Dr. Attila Molnar), Bob Pompeani - riveting voice of local sports, Mike Speranzo - Mr. Small's, Drowning Clowns, Pro-Am Skater, and me -your everyday guy.

Some, including myself, may have thought this was a motley crew. I was a little nervous about how this would go and if I could pull off a good time.

Next thing you know, a couple holes in, Bob Pompeani and Dr. Attila Molnar, the German -president of Bayer Corporation, are talking smack on each other. ..Speranzo wastes no time joining in and Bob and Speranzo form this allegiance against the German and the two of them start chest bumping like they're Pittsburgh Steelers after a great play --- which, eventually, in a show of good sportsmanship, they kindly included Dr. Attila Molnar (the German) in after he would make a good shot.

The four of us had a blast.

And, for Speranzo and me - and, I believe the German too, a very cool highlight was Bob Pompeani lending his riveting voice of local sports to provide commentary on our shots - play by play like.

It was an awesome day I'll never forget.

Best of the Roses, John Conte &

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