Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MIke & Molly: set-up...

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Last nite was the first nite I watched Mike & Molly. (I thought his character was a UPS guy? is that another show?). At any rate, it was really fucking funny and I'm glad to hear this Pittsburgh boy is set-up for another season ... (what a life). ..

And, you know, I probably never would've tuned-in to begin with if I hadn't been tuning-in WDVE Morning Show everyday.

Best of Rusted Roses,

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Subject: dedicated to Clem Lane and his love for music ...

dedicated to Clem Lane and his love for music ...

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Subject: Bear's Recordings: Flying Burrito Bros opening for the Grateful Dead + Grand Theft Parsons

this is the concert March of 69 when the Flying Burrito Bros opened for the Grateful Dead atthe Avalon Ballroom ... Bear taped it and held the masters and the rights and finally w/ some help released it and the Ameoba people helped it get out and it's on a double disc but if you haven't picked it up yet --- here's the concert (one disc - maybe 2).

also, how about the movie w/ Johnny Knoxville playing Phil Kaufman called Grand Theft Parsons ... you dudes = only in L.A.

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