Friday, March 27, 2009

FOX TV: Women Who Bring Home the Bacon, Fry It Up In a Pan = And Never Ever Let You Forget You're a Man ...

My Megyn Kelly

Lis Wiehl and Megyn Kelly

Liz Claman

Jamie Colby

Jill Dobson

Rebecca Diamond

Molly Line

Nicole Petallides

Cheryl Casone

Shannon Bream

Martha MacCallum

(in for the insatiable Juliet Huddy w/ Mike)

Elizabeth Hasselbeck
(oh, c'mon, we all know she should just be on FOX - but she is that one voice of reason on the View)

Jane Skinner

Courtney Friel

Alisyn Camerota

Jenna Lee

Alexis Glick and Jenna Lee w/ Charles Money Bags

Best of the Roses,
John French

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