Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stars "Quitting Acting" on ShowBiz Tonight ...

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Dear AJ and Brooke:

I really enjoyed the Stars "Quitting Acting" piece on ShowBiz Tonight ...

Big name stars like Oscar-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Kevin Spacey quitting acting is certainly an attention grabber and ...

Wow, I dig it = "like a rolling stone, like a rolling stone - like the FBI, CIA, BBC, BB KING and Dorris Day - Mac Bugbee = Dig it, dig it, dig it..."
... as John Lennon sang inbetween tracks on Let It Be.

Maybe musicians are natural born rebels compared to actors or maybe it's that musicians, or these musicians I'm thinking of, have written their own material - unlike actors who are spoonfed words and then, well, act = Which, by no means, am I belittling acting as some actors are transformational figures and inspire transformation in others and inspire communion with something bigger than self.

But look at Jim Morrison who fled L.A. and the states for Paris and never came back; the Beatles walked away - and, in film, so did Eddie from Eddie and the Cruisers.

At any rate, I'm fascinated by this and I hope you keep us updated. (Psychoanalytically speaking = it's a wet dream - and I'd love to read any kind of poetry from any of these actors who quit and walk away or see or read any interview w/ them or listen to their music or see some of their artwork or just talk to them like the everyday people from stardust we are = real human be-ings).

Best of the Roses,
John French

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